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Cabrinha Imperial 133 (2007)

Aimed at the performance freestyle/freeride arenas, the Cabrinha Imperial is a board that likes to be ridden hard and fast. The outline, which is narrower than Cabrinha's top freestyle model, the Custom, is made to handle high speeds through rough or choppy water. The imperial is also built with an ABS side-wall construction and PVC core. A bi-axial glass lay-up provides a forgiving flex and comfortable ride. For freestyle or freeriding, you'll have the confidence to take- off or land your trick anywhere, in control.
GEORGE: I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is another all-rounder that does everything well.
WILL: It's a comfortable ride, and while it isn't the most aggressive, you do feel like you can try anything on it. Aesthetically, all the fixtures and fittings look made to measure and fit perfectly.
GEORGE: It doesn't have that shiny surface that Cabrinha always used to use and I think this is better. It hasn't got a shiny base either; whether that makes it faster or release better is hard to tell, but it's a fast board with good pop and you can turn without any dramas.
WILL: One of the nicer looking boards for me.
NEAL: Ticks all the boxes for going upwind and everything else. While it isn't the electric ride, it was another Ronseal board - simple and effective. It's difficult to know what to say other than it's just nice.
WILL: Feels really solid under your feet. You're not going to go wrong with it - it's accomplished.
Solid and reliable with uncomplicated performance... sounds like a plea for someone in a lonely hearts column, but it seems that we could all use some of what they're after!
123 x 36
128 x 37
133 x 38
138 x 39cm


This test is inissue #25

Cabrinha Board
Cabrinha Board
Cabrinha Board

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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