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Cabrinha Icon 140 (2005)

More of a traditional twin-tip shape in that it's long and thin, which makes it great for carving as there's a lot of surface length for grip. Good upwind and great holding down power but it's also not bad in the lighter winds. Super-comfortable, accomplished in most areas and nice and easy to ride.

Styled for freeride and freestyle, the Icon has a 'No Step' tip and tail making for a clean release and a lower rocker line. This produces a quicker, livelier board with superior edging capabilities. On the deck, the rail grab contours make for easy board-off tricks whether you use the attached handle or not. The Icon is compression moulded with a PU core and an epoxy/glass lay up.

GEORGE: The fins are super-fast but are quite vicious. They're long, so there's lots of surface area for more grip and drive. I was surprised how well I made it back when the wind dropped. Very surprising for such a narrow board, but that's where the length comes in even though it felt smaller than 140. It's quite an old school shape overall. I loved it though. They don't seem to have changed things for a while, but judging by this, they didn't need to.
MAGGIE: I was underpowered and it was lovely.
NEAL: I've always been a fan of this kind of board, and like an old school twin-tip it's relatively long and thin, but it's nice and still has a reasonable amount of flex. Loads up really nicely and I think the upwind thing is in there too because it's got a fairly straight rail... apart from the bit you tonked on the reef, George!
MAGGIE: Your feet stay locked in whatever you do with heel and toe wedges, but the straps are broad entry so you can get your feet back in easily. Nice grab channels and handle as well.
NEAL: The concave makes it really nice through chop. Felt small and supercomfortable. It dealt with different kite sizes, too as well as chop and flat water. If I had to find a down side it's that it doesn't get going that quickly. Once it's up and running it goes well, though.
GEORGE: It's one that I'd like to own. Smooth landings when you were coming in hot because it's got all the flex, and that little bit of curve in the rail stops you skipping out too much. I was doing moves on this because I felt comfortable trying things on it. I went back at the end to have another go; possibly more top end than early intermediate for that reason.
130 x 35cm
140 x 35.5cm
150 x 36cm

This test is in issue #16

Cabrinha Icon 140
Cabrinha Icon 140
Cabrinha Icon 140
Cabrinha Icon 140

Added: 2007-03-09

Category: Gear

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