The Drifter is the epitome of smoothness and reliability. Just beautifully poised from launch, the Drifter is also lighter at the bar and a little more reactive than in previous years, but it's the predictability and smooth drive that stand out this year. Absolutely rock solid in the sky, whether you sheet in on the bar for a little extra juice or push the bar away and feel the steady reduction in power, what remains consistent is the Drifter's position in the sky. The Drifter is set to pull you nicely upwind but never wants to fly too far forward out of the window, so you get a good mix of drift and very smooth turning that can be tweaked to be as wide and arcing or really tightened up; the Drifter really accelerating through the last 50% of its turn when pulled hard.

The superb built quality and all the fixtures and fittings on the Cabrinha are absolutely top notch. The wide diameter inflation valve is faultless, robust and was the first of its design. The D2 canopy material looks great and the kite as a whole is extremely well put together. Cabrinha quality is very apparent and that continues down at the bar. Cabrinha utilise a very neat spring loaded webbing trim system. While webbing systems have been around for a while, they always work predictably. Perhaps you need to pull twice on the system to get just the right level of trim, but they never stick and the spring system retracts the tabs so there's always zero dangle, whether fully powered up or heavily trimmed. The bar itself is lovely in the hands and Cabrinha's bar end floats are probably the chunkiest in the business and provide lots of area to neatly wind your lines. The chicken-loop is superbly engineered with two options for quick release, a clever leash point that rotates around the chicken-loop allowing the freestyler and beginner to use the same leash point and benefit from the full safety depower. This system really deserves some kudos for its design. Perhaps the bar set up as a whole is a bit chunky for some who might prefer a slimline system, but in terms of engineering, functionality and comfort, this is right up there.

Incredibly smooth flying characteristics, rock solid position in the sky and very easy handling. An early intermediate freerider would find many benefits in this kite, too.

Some riders may want something with more zip and agility in the handling, especially in cross-onshore conditions.

Build quality: 9
Full package: 9
Low end: 8.5
Top end: 7.5
Steering speed: 7
Turning circle: 4.5
Bar pressure: 6.5
Water relaunch: 8
Drift: 8.5
Unhooked: 7.5
Ease of use: 8.5


Added: 2014-06-27

Category: Gear

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