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Cabrinha Custom 138 (2007)

The Custom is a performance model with excellent pop and retains its dedicated wake- tyle/free-ride elements from previous models. A wider plan-form and progressive rocker give the board a solid feel for wakestyle riding. An entirely new construction features an ABS sidewall, PVC core and mixed weight quadraxial glass to keep the durability high and the weight low.

WILL: You're gonna feel like a rock star turning up with one of these.
MIKEY: There are fittings for bindings. I've always fancied getting into bindings and not all boards have that option. Although this board has enough stiffness for aggressive wake-style it still feels quite flexible, cushions your landings nicely and doesn't kill your legs. It's a nice sized board. I've been using this board in the smaller size and find this slightly larger shape much easier to land stuff on, so if Cabrinha want to swap boards I wouldn't mind!
ALEX: Yeah, the landings are steady and it does have a good bit of rocker.
TIM: I really enjoyed this board; great shape, light on the feet, great edging and carving. For me this is right up there!
WILL: Nice wide stance, good comfortable straps and ads that are very easy to lock your feet into. All fixtures and fitting are very good.
MIKEY: It has that skatey feel and you can really spin it around its centre-point when you're riding.
WILL: There's good flex throughout this board. The trend these days is to keep stiffness in the centre and flex in the tips. This is very comfortable though.
ALEX: All points of sail are good on this. The upwind ability is great and they've kept the rounded rocker, outline and rails. A dead-straight edge is usually good for upwind ability but then you lose the feel of the board. Cabrinha have managed to keep everything, I don't know how, but it's great!
MIKEY: The only thing I would say is that you can't ride it up the beach too much without it marking up.
WILL: Good pop as well don't forget.
ALEX: If I had any more thumbs I'd be putting them up for this board.

Cabrinha's top- f-the-line performance twin-tip is as at home in the average rider's hands as the top pros. The Custom really does have great all-round capabilities and while it has serious application for wake- tyle, it hasn't lost any of that good old-fashioned ease-of-handling and all-round fun of a good twin- ip. Looks good, too.

138x41.5, 133x39 and 128x38cm


This test is inissue #28

Cabrinha Custom 138
Cabrinha Custom 138

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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