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Cabrinha Custom 136 (2011)

Following the same trajectory as one of kiteboarding's brightest stars, the Andre Phillip Custom wake-style twin-tip has evolved once again this season. Cabrinha have increased the depth of its quad concave channels, providing increased grip and making the board easier to ride finless if desired. The Custom's extreme rocker line gives it an advantage when riding powered in rough water or when hitting rails, kickers or sliders and a new uni-directional layer of carbon from tip-to-tail provides tighter pop and more responsiveness. Featuring a super-durable topsheet and 3D base, the Custom also has ABS sidewalls, vertically laminated Paulownia wood core, linked stainless steel insert blocks and can be ridden with just about any type of boot, binding or foot strap system, making this a truly versatile model. Stance options come in at 24"(61cm), 26"(66cm) and 28"(71cm). The Custom is for real.
Surely no one can deny that this is a filthily good looking board. It's got bad-ass kiteboarder written all over it, but we won't be seduced by good looks alone... Design wise this board is exciting and isn't just a good-looking generic twin-tip. The rocker in it is outrageous! When you lay the board on the ground the tips arch up really aggressively. Usually when a board has so much rocker it may be easy to ride, but can also be painfully slow. Is this board slow? Hell no. So how have they managed that? Channels, and deep ones at that. The rocker makes the board easier to ride and practice the dark wake-style arts on and also aids switching from heel to toe-side as there's always less board in the water so you're never going to trip the nose, while the channel on the bottom effectively reduces the angle of the top rocker. Suddenly you have a board that rides as if much flatter and feels much faster and livelier than an otherwise equally rockered board. This isn't the fastest twin-tip we've been on this year, but as we've said, it's not slow. Wake-stylers don't want a really fast board; what they want is a board that can be loaded up hard, providing oodles of pop without the aid of the kite, but is also loose and skatey in feel and performance. The Custom can be loaded more in bindings than foot straps, allowing the rider to flatten out the board more and to get that rocker really working and pushing more energy through the flat section. In regular straps there are other boards that pop more easily, but most have a much more locked in and faster ride, which isn't what everyone is looking for. On the topic of straps, these semi-bindings feel a bit too hard at first, but they do soften up and come into their own. They can also be adjusted very easily to be angled more in or out, by simply loosening off the screw. Cabrinha have made a board in the Custom that not only satisfies performance wake-stylers but is also easy for freeriders to get on, have fun and learn things.
This is like a cross between a Lamborghini Countach and an X-Wing looks wise. Unusual and classy, it's definitely on its own little mission, which is refreshing. If you ride in bindings you should be very tempted. What we all want really is an easy ride that makes us look good. This is a classic of the future with nice bit of rocker in the tips for overall performance but the board also has good energy and speed; this is a damn good example of a proper freestyle board that can be used in a lot of disciplines and is a lot easier to ride with a kite than a wakeboard.
Unique styling and ride.
Fast ocean blasters might like more speed.
144 x 42, 140 x 42.5, 136 x 42 and 133 x 42cm

This test is inissue #51

cabrinha custom
cabrinha custom
cabrinha custom

Added: 2011-04-27

Category: Gear

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