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Cabrinha Crossbow 9m (2007)

The second generation of the revolutionary Crossbow kite continues its legacy as the leading performance bow kite. The Crossbow 2 is designed for maximum performance and efficiency - two of the key elements that provide the Crossbow with its now legendary hang-time, wave and freeride reputation. By adding on to the foundation of its Pro Span Extreme? arc, the Crossbow's performance has improved yet again through the use of faster flying profiles, increased durability and the addition of Cabrinha's new Override? and Sprint? systems.

Like the Switchblade, the finish is very good.
WILL: The bar's really nice, there's a lot gone into it. Good padding, neat releases and all the unnecessary bits are tucked away. Again, the depower toggles could have been bigger.
SHINN: Still has the pulleys, but unlike last year a lot of the bar pressure has been removed. The depower is like last year, but it seems you have to reach much further this year for the same amount of depower. Not great for small people!
WILL: It was definitely one of the most comfortable kites I've flown.
GEORGE: Yeah, it's definitely the most bow. The kite just sits there in the power and you don't have to move it much to maintain power - it's just a question of trimming the bar in and out.
NEAL: There's a really smooth delivery of power with nice, constant turning. I think the intermediate rider would love cruising on this kite and really enjoy the ease with which you can get super-floaty jumps.
SHINN: There's bucket-loads of power - more than last year's model. The kite is very stable in the sky and the turning speed is good, but slower than the '06 models. Excellent hang-time though and is a very good choice for high winds if full bow is your choice. The turning is pivotal, so doesn't haul you off either.
NEAL: Easy relaunch as well. Just remember to not put the kite on its back therwise it tends to take off upside down making for some interesting quick power ups. Follow the instructions, get used to them and it couldn't be easier.

Masses of power, but also huge depower in the Crossbow 2. Heavier, cruising riders will adore its reliability and it isn't so fast that it will catch you out. Fantastic hangtime and has all the usual safety elements of a good bow, and so is also suitable as a first kite, too.

7, 9 and 12m


This test is in issue #26

Cabrinha - Crossbow
Cabrinha - Crossbow
Cabrinha - Crossbow
Cabrinha - Crossbow

Added: 2007-12-17

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