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Cabrinha Crossbow 10m (2009)

Gusty 18 - 30+ knots

The Cabrinha Crossbow IDS launches Cabrinha's pin-up kitemodel into an entirely new era of performance freeriding by raising the standard of kite control and handling yet again. At the heartbeat of this new design is their innovative Intelligent Depower System (IDS) technology. The Cabrinha Crossbow IDS delivers in all areas of power and range of use with a dynamic arc progression, reducing the flatness of the arc as the kite sizes get smaller. The larger sized kites have the flattest arcs and highest aspect-ratios for light wind efficiency and a wider wind
range. The smaller kites have a more conservative arc and lower aspect-ratios for control and handling in stronger winds. This unique design progression makes the Crossbow a chameleon when it comes to challenging wind conditions. Fast flying, quick turning and a wide wind range blow the doors wide open for high performance riding in any type of discipline or conditions.

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NEAL: The Crossbow bar is beautifully made and nice and simple. The grip seamlessly moulds into the metal in the middle, feels really smooth and has no rough edges. Unhooked your hands are comfortable wherever they are on the bar. The depower is exceptionally smooth and the actual system and line look like it will last forever. Nice solid chicken-loop as well. Very notable is the fact that there are no pulleys on the bar, and I was immediately impressed with how much lighter the bar pressure was. The Crossbow is very stable. Upwind performance is very good and you get loads of power and depower. There's a long depower throw ? you can still reach the bar when you let go, but you get almost 100% depower. Really smooth and comfortable powering on and off. The kite turns consistently at good speed and responds really well when steering with your hands in the middle of the bar and there's loads of feedback. Move your hands wider and it almost turns into a kite loop machine. Loops really consistently. Overall this is the nicest Cabrinha I think I've ever used. Great intermediate kite; so smooth and simple giving you confidence in bucketloads. Dealt with the shifty gusty conditions very well.

FX: There was a lot of power in this kite. Usually in these conditions I'd have been on a smaller kite, but it handled it well and has a lot of settings for tuning. Great fun jumping on this kite and I could try a lot of board-off style tricks which I haven't for some time. Depowering was easy I really liked the bar system. I was impressed.

JAMES: Everything is well finished, from the one pump system to quality of materials used; there's great attention to detail. Lots of set-up options on the steeringlines as well as 'kook proof' connectors so you can't get it wrong. The kite itself is quite powerful, so you don't need to be flying it all over the place to generate power. It's not super-fast and not super slow ? just very comfortable. The jumping was easy to get the hang of and you get some good floaty lift. Not spectacular, but acceptable and most importantly, easy. For intermediates this is a fantastic kite with solid and reassuring steering. You're always sure where the kite is and it lets you know when you're doing something wrong. It's very stable in the sky and you don't get any surprises. There's never a hint of reversing or that the kite will fall out of the sky at all. Unhooked the pop was good because it was a grunty kite but you do get overpowered quite quickly unhooked. Easier to pop in lighter winds. Overall this is an ideal intermediate kite.

CHRIS: A class leading bar. Nice safety system and IDS seemed to work well. No hidden secrets and a second quick-release on the chicken-loop just shows how evolved this kite is. Good looking kite in the sky with a very taught canopy means it's well made. It was like someone had cleaned the wind up the second time we went out in the cross-onshore, gusty conditions and it handled them beautifully. Superb jumping with predictable lift and flight through the air. You knew where the kite was and it stayed with you. The overall thing was the stability. Made me really confident and I had a really good time in really average conditions. Positive steering, fun jumping and soft landings. Some supported leading edge kites have a tendency to drop you down quick. This didn't. Board speed was good as it tracks well and has great upwind drive. Cabrinha have always been well-made but just a little bit slow for me personally. This year that kite is spot on and there's nothing lazy about it.

Building on the brilliant no-nonsense qualities of the Cabrinha Crossbow 2008, the 2009 version is just super tweaked and polished. Top end construction and attention to detail alongside simple, effective performance make this kite a tough one for any progressing freerider to pass up. If this kite sets the benchmark for 09 kites, then bring it on.

Beautiful build quality.

Possibly a bit more speed for more advanced riders.

7, 9, 10, 11, 13 and 16m

Kiteworld Mag Issue #35 The Cabrinha Crossbow 2009 10m was tested in Issue #35 of Kiteworld. Buy Issue #35 in the Kiteworld shop.

Cabrinha Crossbow 10m
Cabrinha Crossbow 10m
Cabrinha Crossbow 10m
Cabrinha Crossbow 10m
Cabrinha Crossbow 10m

Added: 2008-10-08

Category: Gear

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