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Cabrinha Caliber 136 (2012)

When it comes to serious freestyle and freeriding the Caliber steps up to the plate. With its lower rocker line the Caliber planes quickly and flies upwind. A huge asset when riding inl ess than favourable wind conditions as well as for staying in the defined competition area. The Caliber's outline and flex pattern give the board incredible pop, whether you are riding unhooked or hooked-in, while an extended quad concave right through the centre of the board provides increased grip and diffuses the impact on the landings. The Caliber is constructed with a Paulownia wood core, ABS side walls and carbon stringers, tip to tail. Cabrinha have added composite foot patches for a more direct power transmission to the rail.
The Caliber is a lovely, shiny and very modern looking board. The super clean white design and tastefully aggressive graphics make it a very attractive weapon. The pads and straps are, as usual, pretty unique from Cabrinha and didn't need much adjustment rider to rider to feel snug. Really supportive they also have a very good little section for wrapping your toe over and the system is at the stiffer end ofthe velvety foot loop spectrum.
There's quite a lot going on in the bottom of the board with a generous quad concave running right the way through and smooths out towards the ABS rails. The concave feels like you're riding on air bags, providing a lovely, smooth ride, effortlessly eating up chop and delivering wonderfully soft landings. Although it has that fashionable wake-style look to it, the Caliber carries pleasing amounts of speed and is at home with more rapid rally car needs of ocean going kiteboarders as it is for the powered popping flat water fans. It's no high-octane rocket, but it's definitely no cruiser and has a nice mix of comfort and looseness, yet still drives forward and with a comfortable rockerline there's no need to work your back foot too hard when negotiating your way over waves. The Caliber's pop levels are impressive and rewarding and you get a nice reaction out of it. Strong and with corresponding amounts of weight there's a good swing weight in the air and once set on rotation the board keeps its momentum going beautifully.

The Caliber is an exciting board for good intermediate riders looking to progress. Easy-to-use, it also has loads of progression in it, lots of usable top speed, upwind performance and pop, as well as plenty of comfort and soft, controlled landings.

Good looks and highly accessible ease-of-use for a performance board.

The Sync semi binding footstraps, although very supportive, will feel a bit stiff for some riders ? luckily there's a softer version out there for the shandy drinkers.
139 x 43, 136 x 42, 133 x 41 and 130 x 40cm

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