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C-Tec Pro-Carbon 131 (2009)

C-TEC have been producing boards since 2004 and all come with a wood core, ABS rails and are built with snowboard technology. Constant testing and prototype construction means that the custom board you order will be an utterly up-to-the minute design. For 2009 the boards have six inserts for stance options and are very light, but also strong with a progressive flex and flexy tips. Choose the board according to your style ? from beginner to new school, men to women, C-TEC will work with you to guarantee you the best possible personal set-up. Visit their kite centre, Adrenalin Kite Area, in Tarifa for a free board test. Perhaps best of all, you can create your own graphics to be put on the board at no extra cost.
The carbon looks great and the board has a nice, square outline. The fixtures and fittings are all good, however you need an Allen key to fix the straps to the board rather than a screw driver, but one is provided with the board. The pads and straps are of the really soft style and work well. On the water the board's flexibility is what you notice first, alongside the wide tips. Although it's very smooth, the flexibility does mean that it needs a bit more wind to get it going. The ride is smooth and the board feels really light, but this one was almost too light and flexible, so it felt a little sluggish for loads of unhooked freestyle. Cruising across the water and laying down carves were nice and comfortable, but anything too strenuous from a big rider and the board struggled. This is definitely a board for lighter riders, under 70 kilos, in this size, who would find that the flex would make the riding more comfortable without detracting from the pop.
A smooth riding twin-tip that's good for basic tricks and blasting around the ocean, but in this size is only suitable for lighter riders.
Lightweight board and comfortable cruising qualities.
Add a bit more an electric, freestyle twin-tip feel and stiffness.
We tested a 131 x 41cm, but you can literally order any size you like.

This test is inissue #40

Added: 2009-05-07

Category: Gear

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