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Brunotti Youri Pro 130 (2009)

Fast and aggressive, replicating Youri Zoon's style, his pro model represents the purest of freestyle boards. A carefully tuned, progressive flex pattern provides maximum pop off the water for trick riding while the slightly wider tips allow for an extra planing surface area and for stability when landing hot from jumps for more control. Parallel lines and a faster rocker line illustrate how the board has been designed for speed and insane pop. Finally, the board incorporates Brunotti's full wood core interior for maximum durability and strength. Other features of note are the ABS side-walls, carbon kevlar torsion stringer, G-10 fins and the incredible variable foot pads and straps that are more closely associated to a high-performance sports shoe than traditional footpads. See the Essential Mix gear guide for more on the pads!

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The Youri Pro is a wood core laminate board with a very square outline and big wide tips of moderate weight. Those foot pads are fantastic! Very, very soft compared to the harder trainer style ones that we're used to. The connection with the board was brilliant, like it was glued to your feet. That was our first session of the winter in boots, but you'd be forgiven for thinking you're riding barefoot in those. There are none of the usual issues of not quite being able to grip properly, slightly hampering your riding whatsoever. Once you're squeezed in they stay on.
The board itself is quite stiff ? not overly so, but it's rigid and flat without too much rocker. It gets you up and going really quickly and then the board is fast with lots of pop and is really well weighted. When you take-off you feel really well balanced in the air and it's a really explosive pop you get; load up and it really pings you up to the sky. The rebound flex is excellent and an absolute joy to use. If you live somewhere that doesn't get flat water very often there are other boards more suitable, but you're never really going to get a board that performs this well in flat water in choppy, bouncy conditions. For good water conditions this will be hard to beat. If you're into solid, fast freestyle it's very rewarding and versatile too; manoeuvring and pivoting, switching from toe- to heel-side is incredibly easy. Riders not looking to really push their performance will be frustrated by its lack of forgiveness though. It's a freestyle machine and as such is a harder ride than they'd be used to. All the fixtures and fittings are top notch, the board holds good speed, isn't too heavy and on the way out when you're hitting ramps or popping it really takes you up and soaks up the landings brilliantly, pushing on forward. There's more flex there than you think but it doesn't slow it up.

Lovely looking and definitely a comfortable, quick freestyle board with a hint of all-roundness about it.

The phenomenal straps and the fact that they work as well with boots as they do with bare feet. Plus the freestyle performance isn't too shabby.

If it was a little more all round, everyone would have one.

130 x 41 and 130 x 39cm

This test is inissue #37
Brunotti Youri Pro 130
Brunotti Youri Pro 130
Brunotti Youri Pro 130
Brunotti Youri Pro 130
Brunotti Youri Pro 130
Brunotti Youri Pro 130
Brunotti Youri Pro 130

Added: 2009-03-03

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