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Brunotti Horizon 136 (2005)

In spite of its small size, the Brunotti feels big and stable, and although it's not the best at carving, it does everything else an intermediate board should do, well.
Super-thin tips and a little concave result in a board with impressive pop and good grip in the water for easy upwind riding. It's tough with a high density PVC foam core, unidirectional glass reinforcement, carbon heel reinforcements and an ashwood laminate top and bottom to ensure impact resistance and high flex strength. The rails have semi-rigid, shock absorbing polyurethane rubber and the inserts are marine quality stainless steel.
GEORGE: I didn't realise it was as small as it was until I read the size on the graphics. That's a really good quality to have in an intermediate board.
NEAL: It's not as stiff as many, but there's so much pop. The long, straight rails do make it quite hard to turn from one side to the other. The nose is wide, and I felt that something with slightly more flex and narrower nose would be more forgiving. I like the pads and straps. They are thin but that's not a problem. With fat pads, you can forget about riding with boots on.
GEORGE: Very, very good construction, apart from this wonky thing here. I don't know what that handle's all about.
MAGGIE: You can really load that board and get whopping jumps.
GEORGE: Yeah, but when you're an intermediate you want to learn your toe-side turns and carves. They're the most accessible moves.
NEAL: It may not carve beautifully toeside, but if you want to learn to sail in a straightline toe-side, a locked in board like this is good for that. It will carve round with a little know-how, but once you've figured out how to get it round, maybe with a little 180-jump turn to begin with, then this will go for miles. It planes quick because it's got big fat tips and a lovely straight rail.
124 x 36.5cm
130 x 36.5cm
136 x 36.5cm

This test is in issue #16

Brunotti Horizon 136
Brunotti Horizon 136
Brunotti Horizon 136
Brunotti Horizon 136

Added: 2007-03-09

Category: Gear

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