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Brunotti Double-O-Six 135 (2006)

Strictly speaking this board isn't a twin-tip, it's more of a full-on surf-kite shape. The difference in opinions from the testers shows how very specialist this board is, and if you often kite in huge ballistic conditions when it's too much for a surfboard then this could be the weapon for you. Unfortunately, its lack of user-friendliness could rule it out for many recreational riders.
The outline of the Double-O-Six is designed with complete versatility in mind. As a compromise between a fully-fledged wave board and twi- tip it can be ridden in both styles, however retains bi-directional bias like a classic twin-tip. Wingers on the tail provide less rail surface area for powered bottom turns without sacrificing early planing capabilities, which are also aided by the double concave hull. Moreover, the flip nose design on both ends of the board secures a clean hydrodynamic exit. Crossed carbon/Kevlar torsion stringers on the deck and rails maximise flex integrity.
GEORGE: The Brunotti is a total stand-out. I've never seen a board like that in my life. I thought it was just too small, though.
NEAL: It's for fanging down-the-line. I loved it!
GEORGE: 15 centimetres longer would have been better. I sank whenever there was a lull.
NEAL: I had so much fun on that. You could just steam along the wave but you had to surf it with the kite. If you've got the technique you can put it down-the-line and go to Mach 10. There was nothing to stop you. It's so small and so sharp along the rails that it's fast. That's not really my wave-riding style either, but it was fun. So sharp on the rails but with a nice circled outline so you could go ballistic, but you had to change the way you rode it.
GEORGE: Maybe that's why I sank when I did a bottom turn - because I didn't change my riding style. I still think it's too small.
NEAL: I got more lip hits with that than anything. You could hit some whopping sections. It would be mental going out on that fully stacked in big stuff when it's too windy for a surfboard.
GEORGE: I would wet the bed doing big stuff on that! It was all over the place riding it backwards on the pointy nose.
NEAL: You had to stay off the nose - any front foot pressure and it would slide out. But I thought it worked. It went upwind and when you were powered up it flew. It did go upwind backwards, you just had to trim it.
GEORGE: It was tricky.
NEAL: Don't get me wrong, it's not an easy board to sail, it's too small for that. It's just mental.
135 x 37cm
135 x 38.5cm
145 x 38.5cm
145 x 40cm


This test is in issue #21

Brunotti Double-O-Six 135
Brunotti Double-O-Six 135
Brunotti Double-O-Six 135
Brunotti Double-O-Six 135

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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