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Shinn Monk 135 (2011)

THE HYPE:This is a freestyle board for the mere mortals among us. The Monk offers untamed sailing without the limitations normally associated with this style of riding. Hyperflex tips (created using Shinn's new FS mould) and a new...

Shinn Monk 135 (2011)

Crazyfly Pro Tour Model 134 (2011)

THE HYPE:The Pro Tour Model is the top of the range board in CrazyFly's 2011 offering of freestyle boards. Designed purely for new school freestyle and aggressive riding it's produced with the highest quality materials and levels ...

Crazyfly Pro Tour Model 1

F-One Surf 6'0" (2011)

THE HYPE:The surf 6'0'' can be used with straps in pure surf, plus at 6'0'' has good length for better control when riding strapless. The length and 46cm width mean you can use minimal kite power in the surf and the size means it ...

F-One Surf 6'0

Xelerator Epic Custom 6'0" (2011)

THE HYPE:These boards are the absolute Holy Grail of wave riding - from both a performance and a construction point-of-view. The flex in these boards is second to none, enhancing the whole ride. Using a closed-cell Styrofoam with ...

Xelerator Epic Custom 6'0

Airush Quad 5'10" (2011)

THE HYPE:Developed with emerging wave talent Bear Karry, the Quad reflects the demands of the South Californian conditions, excelling in crossonshore to cross-offshore set-ups. Best for mushy waves, it really out-performs a tri-fi...

Airush Quad 5'10

North Kontact 6'2 (2011)

THE HYPE:The Kontact is ideal for big, powerful waves or choppy water and high winds. A great weapon for advanced riders and those who love precise control. The Kontact is ideal for strapped riding and surfers looking for maximum ...

North Kontact 6'2 (2011)

Cabrinha Trigger 6'1" (2011)

THE HYPE:The Trigger is a modern classic design start to finish. As comfortable paddle surfing as it is riding with a kite, this board has more rail profile than the S-Quad, giving it more bite from the rail alone. The tri-fin set...

Cabrinha Trigger 6'1

Cabrinha S-Quad 6'1" (2011)

THE HYPE:The S-Quad is a board purpose built for high-performance surfing. A four-finned epoxy construction, it's made to surf fast and hard and can be ridden with or without straps, hooked or unhooked, in surf anywhere between tw...

Cabrinha S-Quad 6'1

RRD Gitana Classic 6'1" (2011)

THE HYPE:Featuring a full concave bottom with slight flat to V tail works with the kick in the tail, while the rocker progressively increases towards the nose and tail areas, leaving very few flat sections in the board. All this a...

RRD Gitana Classic 6'1

Liquid Force Kite Fish (2011)

THE HYPE:The Liquid Force 2011 Kite Fish works equally well in small to medium size waves as it does in flat water. A unique shape generates the push, the squash in the tail allows for ease-of-movement and the Kite Fish is designe...

Liquid Force Kite Fish (2
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