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Flysurfer Flyaround 143 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:A really good intermediate board. Nice solid platform to progress onto. Learning to go upwind is relatively easy and larger people will appreciate this board's qualities as they progress, but smaller riders may f...

Flysurfer Flyaround 143 (

Airush X-Pact 135 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:If you're definitely wanting to get into wake-style riding then this is a comfortable entry point. The X-Pact falls more into the advanced category in this size as a lighter wind advanced rider's board than a lig...

Airush X-Pact 135 (2005)

Caution Redline 142 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Tough, carries plenty of pop and speed. If you're a kit trasher, pick this one.MANUFACTURER'S HYPE:The Redline twin tips are Caution's high performance range. All three boards have CNC machined cores to ensure a ...

Caution Redline 142 (2005

Fanatic Joyrider 138 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:This is a true intermediate board: Small enough to progress onto, but still wide enough to plane well. Fantastic flex properties and good fixtures and fittings. Definitely worth a try.MANUFACTURER'S HYPE:Fanatic'...

Fanatic Joyrider 138 (200

Cabrinha Icon 140 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:More of a traditional twin-tip shape in that it's long and thin, which makes it great for carving as there's a lot of surface length for grip. Good upwind and great holding down power but it's also not bad in the...

Cabrinha Icon 140 (2005)

Brunotti Horizon 136 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:In spite of its small size, the Brunotti feels big and stable, and although it's not the best at carving, it does everything else an intermediate board should do, well. MANUFACTURER'S HYPE:Super-thin tips and a l...

Brunotti Horizon 136 (200

Underground FLX 132 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:One of the easiest boards to ride in challenging conditions. A super all-rounder for carving and jumping. The edge starts to want to release when you get really maxxed and it's not really a flat-water board or su...

Underground FLX 132 (2005

Naish Sol 130 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:The size we tested would be more suited to heavier riders or lighter conditions. For freestyle, pop, and locked-in feeling it's fantastic. Feels comfortable from the start goes bloody fast in a straight line and ...

Naish Sol 130 (2005)

Airush Pro Toy 127 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:DAN: A real live wire of a twin-tip. It needs constant entertaining. If you used it for a couple of weeks there's no doubt it would improve your kiting. There's definitely room to grow into this kiteboard, whatev...

Airush Pro Toy 127 (2005)

Wipika Mauricio Pro 130 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:This would be a lovely wake-style board on flat water with a powered-up kite. Unfortunately we were testing it in ballistic seven metre weather on a rolling ocean, and while it wasn't ideally at home, it more tha...

Wipika Mauricio Pro 130 (
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