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RRD Lite Air 135 (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARYAgain RRD have equipped their board with the best set of pads and straps for amazing comfort and a locked-in feeling. Unfortunately this board was let down by an inability to get up and going in light winds, makin...

RRD Lite Air 135 (2006)

Caution Hustla 135 (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARYGood, solid performer that an experienced rider would be comfortable performing on in light wind; a heavier or beginner rider could employ it as their only board. The only real downside we found was that a light r...

Caution Hustla 135 (2006)

Slingshot Glide 149 (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARYBit different this one: purely for lightwind fun. For anything serious you need just a bit more grip. This is for getting out in the summer winds and cruising up and down and spinning around. We felt some concave ...

Slingshot Glide 149 (2006

Airush Exile 135 (2006)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY A real all-rounder in this category. An advanced rider would love it in the light wind, or a heavier rider would be better off with this rather than a narrower shape. Beginners will save a lot of time and will fi...

Airush Exile 135 (2006)

Xelerator X-Style 141 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:A nicely domed deck for grip and tucked rails mean this would be a good choice for a rider looking for an all-round twin-tip with good carving abilities in the waves. Quality build, although it isn't suitable for...

Xelerator X-Style 141 (20

Takoon Vegas 139 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:A safe performer in this intermediate twin-tip category. Doesn't stand out in any area, but certainly doesn't disappoint either. Sharp rails help it crank upwind and some flex in the tips keeps it comfortable and...

Takoon Vegas 139 (2005)

Spleene Voodoo 138 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:If you can handle the flowers, this is a real gem. Flies upwind, carves beautifully with really good bevelled rails. Suited more to lighter riders/higher winds, this is a classic ride. MANUFACTURER'S HYPESpleen a...

Spleene Voodoo 138 (2005)

Ocean Rodeo Legend 142 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Bomb-proof, ample rocker and flex for comfort and jumping make this a good option for an intermediate rider. The down side is that it's a bit thin and flexible for early planing, but these elements mean it can ho...

Ocean Rodeo Legend 142 (2

RRD BS Classic 140 (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:A superb intermediate board - ticks all the riding boxes in this category. MANUFACTURER'S HYPE:The BS boards have been designed with the following main features: a good amount of flex in the tips and in the centr...

RRD BS Classic 140 (2005)

North Dragon Medium (2005)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:From the ride you can tell it's one of the shorter boards on the test, and felt really nice when you were lit. A pro rider could do all their tricks on that board. This is more towards the top end of the market i...

North Dragon Medium (2005
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