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Flyboards Flydoor 160 (2012)

THE HYPE:The FlyDoor has been Flysurfer's proven light wind weapon for many years. Pure low wind fun, whether you are beginner or advanced, the FlyDoor 3 has been re-designed to be even lighter and stronger, resulting in an even m...

Flyboards Flydoor 160 (20

Airush Sectors 60 and 54 (2012)

THE HYPE: The Sector V3 60 remains in the fleet as the benchmark model and is joined by the 66 and updated 54. Major changes feature in the deck shape, fin position / options and tail design, all contribute to improvements in carv...

Airush Sectors 60 and 54

Wainman Passport 5' 8" (2012)

THE HYPE: The Passport was created from a surfer's point of view and is a dedicated strapless kite surfboard, designed by Sean Ordonez. These boards, just like their 'Gambling' cousins are usually ridden four to five inches shorte...

Wainman Passport 5' 8

Underground Kipuna 5' 8" (2012)

THE HYPE: The Kipuna is built to rip waves whatever the wind direction and to give you a chance to taste the freedom of strapless surfing. No matter how or where you jump onto this game-changing board, the uniquely recessed and pa...

Underground Kipuna 5' 8

Airush Compact 5' 6" (2012)

THE HYPE: At six inches shorter than your regular board, the Compact fits into every section of the wave imaginable; at the same time it has the stability and drive to deal with high wind and bigger wave conditions. The vee bottom...

Airush Compact 5' 6

Underground SRF (2012)

THE HYPE:Unleash your creativity and smack lips with new-school twin-tip style! Once in a while a true game-changer is born and Underground have morphed the best design features o fwakeboards, surfboards and twin-tips and come up ...

Underground SRF (2012)

Xenon Infra 133 (2012)

THE HYPE:Designed in 2011 to meet the expectations of strong-willed, uncompromising new school fans who dig flatwater and target maximum pop, the Infra is the stiffest board in Xenon's range. Bold and sharp in shape to maximize it...

Xenon Infra 133 (2012)

Xenon LaLuz 135 (2012)

THE HYPE: Xenon's signature high-performance freestyle board has been designed for intermediate to pro riders with a modern style, so appeals to a diverse and demanding group. The LaLuz combines a deep single concave, continuous r...

Xenon LaLuz 135 (2012)

Shinn Street 135 (2012)

THE HYPE: Shinn listened to their core riders and combined the hooligan tendencies from the Monk with the raw grip and pop of the Supershinn. The Street redefines the nature of cross-over, bringing all things to all riders, combin...

Shinn Street 135 (2012)

Shinn Dundee 133 (2012)

THE HYPE: The Dundee is the latest model in Shinn's freeride arsenal. Proudly stepping into the line-up to replace the departing Luigi, the Dundee continues a fine tradition of doing everything and anything with no fuss or drama. ...

Shinn Dundee 133 (2012)
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