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RRD Toxic Wave 148 (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:We reckon RRD have hit the nail on the head with this one. A great wind swell or even ground swell shape with great usability. Rides backwards well, but forwards on the wave with those brilliant tucked surfboard ...

RRD Toxic Wave 148 (2007)

F-One Legend 163 (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Really impressive riding both ways and the fact that the fins at the front never get in the way is amazing, considering their size. Really good entry-level surfboard if you want to get into wave kiting but are a ...

F-One Legend 163 (2007)

Slingshot Fuse 149 (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Suitable for a light wind cruiser who'd like to dabble at a bottom turn and get used to riding a bigger, more rounded asymmetrical shape. It is fun to sail, not really from a wave-riding perspective, but in light...

Slingshot Fuse 149 (2007)

Naish Side-Shore 5' 10" (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Solid performer that most people could adjust to. As it is the side-shore model and possibly lacks a little bit of float, it would be interesting to see how the onshore model coped with the more frequent conditio...

Naish Side-Shore 5' 10

Jimmy Lewis Surf 6' 0" (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Really good drive with plenty of forgiveness when you're making mistakes, either with your kite or misplacing your weight during turns. Learning to ride a surfboard with a kite can be frustrating to begin with, b...

Jimmy Lewis Surf 6' 0

Slingshot SRT 5' 5" (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Good looking board with great fixtures and fittings. Likes to be ridden fast and powered. So if you're sub 80 kilos and have some directional experience in stronger winds then you'll probably love it. Otherwise, ...

Slingshot SRT 5' 5

F-One Signature 5' 8" (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:A fairly rounded shape ensures smooth turns and no complications. Good attention to detail in the fittings, including a big central pad in between the pads, means you don't need to keep waxing for grip in your gy...

F-One Signature 5' 8

Cyclone Destroyer 2 6' 0" (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:The Cyclone Destroyer is comfortable board that a rider under 80 kilos could get away with as their first time surfboard, or a heavier, more experienced rider in windier conditions. A versatile board for onshore,...

Cyclone Destroyer 2 6' 0

Airush Converse 6' 0" (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:The consensus from the testers is that if you've got any experience riding directionals, either from kiting or windsurfing, then this kiteboard would be great for you. Immediately fun and rewarding, 6'0' seems to...

Airush Converse 6' 0

Gaastra Sky Pro 133 (2004)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY:Has very good twin-tip like qualities for a 60/40 so can freestyle well. Really fun board that will work in lighter winds but is more suited to bigger riders riding at its top end. More of a cruiser and carver th...

Gaastra Sky Pro 133 (2004
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