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Spleene Rip 134 (2008)

CONDITIONS TESTED IN:Gusty, choppy 18 - 30+ knots THE HYPE:The Rip 134 is Spleene's ultimate all-round freeride/freestyle board. The design team focussed on designing a board that is easy-to-use for any up-andcoming rider as well ...

Spleene Rip 134 (2008)

Airush Converse 6' 2 (2007)

THE HYPE:Smaller kites, bigger boards, strapped, strapless with dedicated surf performance in no wind situations. This versatility has changed the way many riders view wave riding. A higher volume means you can ride more verticall...

Airush Converse 6' 2 (200

North Dragon (2007)

THE HYPE:The Dragon series is the all-round performer of the North board line. As in previous years, North believe that the 2007 Dragons are the easiest riding boards on the market. The series has evolved with better upwind abilit...

North Dragon (2007)

Crazy Fly Wave 5' 4 (2008)

THE HYPE:The Crazy Fly wave board is constructed with multi-axial epoxy glass, has a high-density EPS core and tucked surf rails, creating one of the lightest and most durable products on the market. A concave bottom with a fast s...

Crazy Fly Wave 5' 4 (2008

RRD Pro Wave 5' 9 (2008)

THE HYPE:The 5'9 Pro Wave is a real surfboard with a reduced thickness; simple as that. It comes directly from RRD's pure surfboard collection, combining the characteristics of a fully tested pro model surfboard with a bulletproof...

RRD Pro Wave 5' 9 (2008)

North Rocket Fish 6' 0 (2008)

THE HYPE:Shaped and tested by John Amundson on Oahu's North Shore, the 2008 Rocket Fish line is all about high performance, tight turns, top-to-bottom surfing and in-the-pocket snaps and gouges. A pulled-in tail outline and extra ...

North Rocket Fish 6' 0 (2

Naish Custom CR (2008)

THE HYPE:Offering a huge range of wave boards, Naish is dedicated to surf. Each model delivers unique performance and the seven custom models are grouped into three ranges: carve rocker, fast rocker and fish. The carve rocker (CR)...

Naish Custom CR (2008)

Airush Converse 6' 0 (2008)

THE HYPE:The Converse is billed as a dedicated surfboard with the option for using it with a kite. Airush introduced the first true convertible in 2006, a revelation in versatility which they believe changed the way many riders vi...

Airush Converse 6' 0 (200

Cabrinha S Quad 5' 9 (2008)

THE HYPE:Kitesurfing has come back full circle to its surfing roots with the introduction of the S-Quad. Years of design experience have gone into making the perfect kite surfboard. The S-Quad has all of the design elements of a t...

Cabrinha S Quad 5' 9 (200

Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion (2008)

THE HYPE:The Zen twin-tip is a wake-influenced freestyle board designed for kiting. Built for those aggressive riders who know how to power a board up and require a stable platform to initiate tricks and stomp landings. A stepped ...

Ocean Rodeo Zen X Torsion
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