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Gin consulted all their snowkite schools during the R&D process in developing the 2010 Inuit 2 (above left) to ensure the new model is comfortable and easy-to-use, yet still stacked with high-performance. With over 25 years experience developing wings, from paragliders to foil kites, and more recently, speedflying wings, the Inuit 2 incorporates all the benefits of Gin's experience. Reinforced pre- and flying lines as well as GIN's new double safety system come as standard.
Gin claim the active and responsive handling on the new Eskimo 4 (above right) is the perfect freeride machine for discerning riders. With flight characteristics similar to a tube kite the Eskimo 4 offers quick-response, high-performance and incredible lift, while retaining the clear practical benefits of a foil kite for snowkiting. A simple bridle system and lighter manufacturing offer extreme versatility when you need it the most. Larger volume and several well-thought-out pockets add to the high-end riding sensation and a 5th line safety system gives optimal safety, whether at the top of a new summit, or during a pure freestyle trick session.
Gin have also revamped the popular Zulu tube kite ? more on that next issue.

Added: 2010-01-14

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