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Blade Trigger 7M (2010)

The Blade Trigger delivers the perfect balance of power and control with minimal rider effort. Recognised for its pump-and-go style and maintaining strong all-around qualities for 2010, along with added de-power and quicker turning, has resulted in a superb freeride kite. Great pop, incredible stability, effortless relaunch and tremendous low wind ability ensures you will be able to get the most out of less than favourable conditions while other riders end their sessions early. A reinforced trailing edge protects delicate areas for extreme kite durability along with triple layers of tough insignia tape on other areas where you can expect the kite to pick up abuse. Super simple MAD2 uniquely moulded valve pieces will get you pumped up and ready to go in minutes so you can enjoy the Blade's sophisticated and competent characteristics, suiting new and skilled riders alike.
The Trigger is a solid, modern hybrid that's bang up-to-date. A good one-pump system and simple bridle keep life easy, while plenty of reinforcements toughen the kite up. The bar on the seven is short at just 45 centimetres, but it actually doesn't want to be any longer, such is the speed of the kite. Above the bar is a trusty pull-pull depower system, there are obvious oh-shit handles at the ends of the bar for safety and the chicken-loop is solid and an average size for hooking in and out of. The release is a plastic red box/collar that pushes away. As you do the end of the loop drops down and releases, leaving you attached to the kite via the leash and the mechanism stays together, meaning there are no lost pieces and the chicken-loop can just slot back in and the collar be pulled back down. The bar itself is well finished, cleanly featured and comfortable and even has grooves/nobbles on top of the bar to go between your fingers which are comfortable and very welcome.
The Trigger is one of those lovely seven metres that has a huge top end. It really does keep going and going. When it gets to seven metre weather it's nice to know your kite can take pretty much whatever the weather can throw at it. It handles beautifully; quick, nimble and is very
responsive. Bar feedback was good without being really heavy and the kite turns sharply without yanking you all over the place. Generally exciting to fly, this feeling was enhanced by the fact that the Trigger has very quick airspeed; it really feels like you're riding much quicker than anyone else. Couple that with its quick handling and the rally car analogies are obvious. A healthy boost is backed up by some lofty, lengthy hang-time and plenty of feedback through the bar as to where the kite is above your head ? which is handy given its speed. Relaunch is
average, not quick, but not slow or difficult, but because it's fairly flat at the front of the kite, it's not an instant roll over cheat machine like a delta.
It was pushing above 30 knots during our test session, so unhooking should have been a wide-eyed affair, but the Trigger was surprisingly comfortable, flying far enough forward to be able to try things on. As we've said, it's not stacked with power at the bottom as it tends to fly quite far forward in the window, which really helps the kite out with performance in the stronger winds. It's stable, solid and immensely good fun.
Of the main assets the Trigger has the silky smooth power delivery and its top end are standouts, working beautifully hand-in-hand. This is the sort of ally you want when the sea starts to turn more white than blue for blasting about. Butalso when it's a little calmer, the Trigger will allow you to try all sorts of things in a relative calm fashion.
KW LIKED: Fast, addictive handling and top end performance.
KW WOULD CHANGE: Nothing really springs to mind. The chicken-loop release feels a bit hollow perhaps, but seems tough and works well.
SIZES: 14, 12, 10, 9, 7, 5 and 3m

This test is inissue #46

Added: 2010-07-14

Category: Gear

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