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Best Waroo 9m (2008)

The product of three years of continuous development, every aspect of the '08 Waroo has been reworked in response to customer feedback to deliver the perfect do-anything, ride-anywhere kite. The '08 Waroo's super-easy handling and big surf-ability has been enhanced by Best's new VP2 short-throw front pulley system that optimises load distribution between the wing-tips and the centre of the LE, giving a more stable kite that can be ridden deeper into the wind window. With increased depower, VP2 gives maximum wind range from reduced bar travel, and increases turning response without any increase in back line pressure. The '08 Waroo is the perfect kite for any rider and any discipline. It turns faster, jumps higher, loops tighter, hangs longer and now chases waves better than ever before. Beginners looking for an easy handling kite with light bar pressure, amazing stability, maximum depower and the easiest relaunch in its class need look no further than the '08 Waroo. It is not just the best value for money out there; it is simply the best Dacron/Rip-Stop SLE kite on the market.

NEAL: The kite feels light-weight and the all-round bar and kite package is excellent.
CHRIS: I really like the way if feels in the hands and the little ridges on top of the bar are just right. Great bar and the power delivery is very smooth. It all just works simply and effortlessly.
NEAL: I think the key to it is that it feels really safe. It doesn't have tonnes of grunt, it is just very comfortable and very direct. The bar pressure is almost perfect. Doesn't pull your arms off but there is enough to know exactly where the kite is and what it is doing.
WILL: A genuine all-round kite. Literally any level of rider could get on with this and have fun straight away. Even the relaunch is great and the safety system, while not revolutionary, is effective.
CHRIS: To get maximum power the bar has to be right down on the chicken-loop. It is very smooth and gentle ? I'd put my girlfriend on this. Steering was direct and quick, not a full-on kite looping kite but fast enough to throw around in waves and for boosting jumps ? hooked-in and unhooked and you can get in and out of the loop very easily with very little power change in the transition when hooking out and the kite behaves very well unhooked. Loads of fun and very constant. Feels like it has a huge range. I'd recommend this to someone who has just done a course and is looking for their first kite. Great introduction to kiting and won't scare them.
NEAL: Does everything really well in every area without standing out in any. Anyone looking for the best in pop or boost might be disappointed, but this is so applicable for all types of riding.

There aren't many people who wouldn't get on with the Waroo '08. Very advanced riders might find it a little tame. Everyone else will love this for all types of riding.

3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 20m
Best - Waroo

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Best - Waroo
Best - Waroo
Best - Waroo
Best - Waroo
Best - Waroo
Best - Waroo
Best - Waroo
Best - Waroo
Best - Waroo
Best - Waroo
Best - Waroo

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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