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Best Waroo 9M (2010)

Completely redesigned, the 2010 Waroo pushes the freeride concept further than ever before. An all new delta wing-tip design replaces the previous SLE kite layout, providing Kahoona-like ease-of-use and Nemesis NXG aerodynamic performance. An all new canopy profiling delivers huge depower and improved low-end ability, while swept wing-tips ensure that this is the easiest relaunching Waroo ever. The addition of Twister tech and new flat-pack LE construction gives the Waroo more feel and flow in turns whether riding depowered at the edge of the window, or powered-up for more explosive handling and carving. A revised VP3 bridle for perfect stability, ABC auto tune for confidence-inspiring versatility, and optional external EZ-pump for ease-of-use combine with a 3D Kevlar airframe and original canopy framing to ensure your Waroo can withstand any abuse you throw at it.
The model we had didn't have the external one-pump system fitted, but the valves were good and there were only three struts to pump up, although some of the test team still managed to grumble about having to pump bladders up individually. However, they weren't grumbling once on the water! Extremely well made, this is a tough delta-hybrid with a simple bridle and robust, slick bar system, making it a cracking package. The chicken-loop is all new, very clean with a lovely smooth pushaway operation. Above-the-bar pull-pull trimming system works very effectively and the bar has a lovely grip ? and check out the padding and detail all the way to the ends. It's all very well engineered and top quality. No faults whatsoever.
This is the sort of kite that you will never get bored of as you can do anything on it. Seriously good upwind and with great low-end pull and simple back line pull relaunch it caters well for the early intermediates. The 2010 Waroo has been improved in its feeling at the bar too, in that there's more of it. It's not a skinny boy feel any more and has become much more appealing to those that can already kite well. It's more all-round, provides good pull and is grunty with more balls at the low end and up high. Performance-wise it's really impressive, moving round the sky beautifully with smooth power delivery and not a hint of any off-on power tendencies. Stunningly progressive the speed and response are also very good. It's not a professional freestyle kite by any means but man, woman, girl, boy, office worker or macho brick layer can learn anything on this.
Best have done a really good job at producing a high performing delta rather than just a good beginner kite with good relaunch, as deltas can be branded. If your wish list of accomplishments includes any of the following: hooked-in jumps, unhooked freestyle, transitions or wave riding, then this kite will have you ripping through your new moves very quickly indeed.
KW LIKED: One of the most all-round intermediate and upward kites we've tried.
KW WOULD CHANGE: A bit more speed for wave riding.
SIZES: 13, 11, 9, 7 and 5m

Added: 2010-07-14

Category: Gear

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