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Best Waroo 09 9m (2009)

The Waroo returns as Best's work-horse kite that will do anything and allow you to ride everywhere. Best claim that it's the ultimate freeride kite, stating that 'The '09 Waroo doesn't just blur the lines between new school and old school, wake-style and freestyle; it erases them!' Huge depower, fast turning and easy handling will help riders of all levels to progress faster and further while simply having more fun kiteboarding. Surf tough build-quality keeps the Waroo resilient enough for whatever you can throw at it.

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We were so impressed with the Waroo last year and without a lot of attention it's difficult to tell the difference between the 09 model and last year's. Obviously not a bad thing as we were already big fans. Down to the nitty-gritty: the kite is very quick and responsive and feels really light in the sky, on the bar and is super nimble. Agile and nippy it delivers power in a really progressive, smooth way. You never get caught out with it doing something you don't expect it to.
What's so impressive is that it's probably the most all-round kite we've been on, (if not the most, then it's definitely up there). Whether you're a Pimp Daddy freestyler or a beginner it's a joy to use. Sure it's not a kite loop monster but you can have a lot of fun on it and it's not for sissies either. It might not send you into orbit, but it will have a go. It's a true all-round freeride/freestyle kite. Unhooking on it is so comfortable and you know it's not going to pull your arms off. Some of the most experienced riders may criticise the lack of feeling at the bar, but for most riders it's great. Turns brilliantly, depowers well, jumps well, goes upwind with no fuss, is responsive and jumps high ? it's one of only a few kites out there that truly does everything well. It instils confidence and improves your riding because it keeps you in your comfort zone and doesn't make you nervous. It's well made. If there is a kite for everyone, it is this kite.
If there's a downside it's that there's no one pump, but that keeps the costs down, and a few years ago, none of us had one pump!

Small refinements make the 09 Waroo an even more smooth ride than last year's. There's very little to not like about the Waroo 09.

The go anywhere, do anything factor.

Add a one pump system because we're lazy.

17, 15, 13, 11, 9, 7, 5 and 3m


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Best Waroo 2009 action
Best Waroo 2009 cut out product
Best Waroo 2009 bar

Added: 2009-02-24

Category: Gear

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