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Best Oujia 129 (2008)

Gusty, choppy 15 - 25 knots

If you are pushing the limits of your equipment and want a board that will smooth out the chop and help you land more of your tricks time after time, then you owe it to yourself to try the Ouija. An all-new laminated
wood core and ABS rail construction have led to the creation of a tough, radical freeride/freestyle board with reduced weight and lower internal volume. A reduced swing weight makes it easier to initiate and stop rotations and helps you nail your landings. Reduced internal volume and a thinner rail profile allow the board to cut deeper into the water, giving added grip you can trust in heavy chop and overpowered wind conditions. A gentle tunnel concave delivers exceptional rail-to-rail and carving control integrated with a flex tip design to ensure you make the softest landings, even from the highest jumps. The Ouija is the perfect board for the experienced rider looking to get radical with their riding.

The water was quite choppy and the wind was gusting 15 ? 22 knots when we were on this. I like this board, it goes through the chop very well. It's very soft and smooth but has plenty of early planing ability in spite of its short length. The landings are also good. It makes the water feel like butter. The foot-pads themselves are a bit harder than I'd usually like, but it means they don't soak up all the power, keep the board lively and do have a very nice toe roll for grip for your moves. The strap is easy to adjust, but also quite hard. No issues with the landings though, it just soaks it up and keeps you planing.
CHRIS: I actually thought they were great looking pads and were friendly to your knees and back. I like the Ouija's looks, it's nice and light weight and the outline looks like the business being shorter and relatively wide. First impressions were all good. Put your feet in the straps and they feel good; you can really grip the board so well. The toe roll really helps, especially for pop moves and the pads do help with heavy landings. Although it was wide for its length, carving round was easy and not a problem as it was soft enough to deal with it. The moderate flex soaks up the lumps and bumps but you actually get plenty of pop, and that side of the performance really shone for me. For unhooked riding you get plenty of stability on your landings, but generally most riders would like this because it's comfy, has good performance, although not absolute top end, but that's because it's such a comfortable all-rounder. The handle is from yesteryear, but that's a small thing!

Should be a very popular model on the beaches, this one. Loads of all-round application for most riding abilities and although this one was short, its width kept it planing through the lulls and had the added advantage of being really easy and light to throw around. An uncomplicated, fun ride for blasting about and popping all sorts of tricks on.

Big board performance from a littl'un.


129 x 39 and 134 x 41.5cm
Best Oujia 129

Kiteworld Mag Issue #35

This test is inissue #35
Best Oujia 129
Best Oujia 129
Best Oujia 129
Best Oujia 129
Best Oujia 129

Added: 2008-10-09

Category: Gear

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