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Best Nemesis HP 10m (2008)

Best claim the Nemesis HP is the best kite they've ever made. It does everything just a little bit better than any other kite on the market. They go on to state. 'Whether you're into big air, big waves, freestyle, handle-passes or just cruising, the Nemesis HP is the perfect kite. With a host of advanced design features and E-Z pump or standard inflation options available, the Nemesis HP makes kiteboarding more fun.'

OLI: Immediately you feel this is a very nice kite - simple and user-friendly.
MATT: First impressions looking at that tiny leading edge I thought it was going to be very fast. I immediately liked the bar pressure, it was very light but with enough feedback so that you can feel exactly what's going on with the kite.
BEN: And we had such a small bar as well. You probably wouldn't need a big bar for those kites, which is nice.
OLI: No worries at all construction-wise with this one - it was very solid and really well made. It depowered well and turned really nicely. Looped really well, too. I'm sure this one is great value.
BEN: I thought it was similar to the old kind of C kite where you've got that real power and connection with the kite but on this you've also got all that depower with the bridle. After years and years of using C kites I felt very familiar with that kite straight away, which I didn't think I would. There were no real surprises but it just had that extra element of depower than I'm used to, which was nice.
OLI: The back lines are attached straight to the kite so you get that direct steering.
MATT: The depower is the same as on some other systems where you attach your leash onto the epower strap. When you come out of the loop or pull your release it will just drift down at the edge of the window.
BEN: I think this kite would really suit a lot of people who haven't updated their kites for a while and are still on high aspect ratios. Anyone, average rider upwards, would be comfortable on these and wouldn't have to adjust their riding much. The depower just makes it really pleasant, even for hardcore C kite users. There was a lot of usable range in this kite.

Best's Nemesis is a very good all-round kite that most riders could use, whatever their riding style.

7, 9, 10, 12 and 14m

Best - Nemesis HP

Kiteworld Mag Issue #31
This test is in issue #31

Best - Nemesis HP
Best - Nemesis HP
Best - Nemesis HP

Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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