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Best Nemesis HP V3 10M (2011)


The HP V3's advances in canopy shaping and revised bridle design have allowed Best to enhance stability and unhooked performance while removing all canopy battens. New materials and aerodynamic refinements mean that when you pull the trigger, the HP V3 will rip you off the water with explosive vertical lift, keeping you airborne with a unique hang-time sensation.

The exclusive cuben-equipped leading edge delivers outstanding aerodynamic efficiency with a reduced diameter, minimising drag and giving increased lift and hang-time, faster flying and a greater upwind ability. The zero-stretch characteristics of the cuben-fibre allow for a kite with a thinner and stiffer leading edge, providing a previously impossible mix of performance and stability.


We rode the Nemesis V3 in a variety of conditions, from strong and gusty offshore to cleaner cross-on winds. The V3 is extremely well made and the first thing that strikes you is how unbelievably thin the leading edge is; it's almost like a strut on a lot of other kites. The cuben fibre (although used last year) seems to give the V3 a more rigid structure in the air compared to last year and is now super fast, nimble and feels very alive. This is another kite flier's kite. Where the Kahoona is steady and laid-back in the window, the Nemesis is super-charged and likes to be revved hard. There's nothing wrong with the bottom end at all, in fact it's good, but as the Nemesis flies so far forward in the window, it likes having a lot of wind thrown at it. If you like riding around with loads of juice in your kite at high speeds, throwing the kite around and following it then this is a lot of fun. There's a lot of performance in there and the Nemesis does jump well, generating good lift and hang-time and is easy to pilot back down nice and comfortably. As it loops on a six pence, it tends to lose a lot power through the turns, which is good for amateur kite loopers. Out of the loop, the Nemesis V3 is fun unhooked, as long as you trim down first and are on a fast enough board. If you're trudging on a wakeboard, this isn't going to be the best kite for that as it gets to the front of the window too quickly.


When we think of 'high-performance' kites, most of us probably immediately think that they must be new school freestyle unhooked weapons. But why can't they be super fast, agile and heaps of fun to throw around hooked-in and chase around your home spot, riding faster than your mates and being able to handle an incredible range of conditions? If that sounds like you, this is the kite in the Best range you should be looking at. If you want something similar, but want to do a lot more unhooked and find more punch in your loop, then the Taboo would better suit you.


Rapid stunt kite type handling.


Tune it to hang back a little more in the window for a more all-round freestyle feeling, but then it would be moving too far towards the Taboo's nature. As we've said, the Best range is clearly defined.


14, 12, 10 and 8m



This test is inissue #52

Best Nemesis
Best Nemesis
Best Nemesis
Best Nemesis in action
Best Nemesis
Best Nemesis

Added: 2011-07-20

Category: Gear

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