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Best Kiteboarding Kahoona kite

Designed to help make kiting progress as easy and as much fun as possible for the widest range of kiters, from absolute beginners to seasoned rippers and big-wave surfers, the Kahoona is a lower aspect-ratio, quad-strut delta.
The layout reduces aerodynamic drag for faster turning and more responsive handling as well as minimising weight for improved low-wind performance. The low aspect-ratio layout and strongly curved leading edge make the Kahoona the quickest relaunching kite Best have ever made. A new mini-VP2 bridle provides the equivalent depower and overall wind range of the Waroo, also maximising kite stability, making the Kahoona easier and safer to fly in high winds. A thin, stiff leading edge that angles back sharply towards the wing-tips gives excellent upwind ability and with a new Kahoona specific mini-fifth equipped control bar, maximum depower can be achieved every time you release the bar. The short bridles and no fifth line mean there is nothing to wrap around the kite should you roll it while relaunching. With its roots firmly in both C-kite and SLE kite design the Kahoona's delta design blends the best performance characteristics of both kite styles. For big-wave surfing The Kahoona can be stalled with no power in the kite and ridden 'down the line'.
If you want a 'park-it-to-surf' kite, this is it and because of its C kite DNA, the Kahoona has direct handling and delivers C kite style snap for overpowered jumping. Plus the SLE derived easy handling, auto relaunch and forgiving nature ensure that it allows beginners and experienced kiters alike to make the most of their water time, pushing their riding progression to the limit. The Kahoona will be shipping from March 2009. Who's got the biggest Kahoonas?
SIZES: 13.5, 11.5, 9.5 and 7.5m
Best Kahoona kite
Best Kahoona kite
Best Kahoona kite

Added: 2009-04-17

Category: Gear

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