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By ACL Productions
WORDS - Jim Gaunt
There are some things you can guarantee from Leboe: a slick, tidy and original soundtrack, and an edit tighter than Tracy Bingham's t-shirt. Indeed each Elliot Leboe release seems as long awaited as a Stanley Kubrick masterpiece, and this, his latest odyssey, showcases the slider and kicker creativity of the likes of Phillip, Abreu, Fleury, Goold, Stone, Slezak and Niarchos.
Initially, the film came across as overly evangelical, with the riders all sounding like Leboe had wedged a set of timbered A-frames up their A holes, but perhaps that's just because I'm so bitter and twisted after being cooped up in a poky living room for the winter. I was soon converted as we moved on from trying to save the world from the perils of just flat water, and get down to the action.
Driving this movie along are cutting-edge, pounding hip hop tracks through to funked up house and breaks that flow seamlessly well to the visual thrill of kiting. Hansen even gets worked in there, but trust me - it works, somehow. We've definitely finally moved on from the days of windsurfing grunge; we're now at kiteboarding electronica, and I like it, a lot.
Watching the boys throwing themselves round a slider park is mind-boggling, and it just gets better; pretty soon Leboe is slapping you round the face with some of the stuff he's got ...and it feels good!
Lean back and get into the groove. Hitting the world's biggest sliders may be out of our reach in this world, but this film's all about escapism and being transported towards a new form of belief in your own ability. Even if you can't picture yourself doing a lot of the things, there's so much general unhooked wake-style technique stuff to pause and rewind that you'll be glad you bought it. Not only that but it comes in a posh fold-out box.
If there was any doubt as to who the most progressive freestyle kiteboard rider in the world was, there isn't anymore. If you kite, you need to watch Andre Phillip ride, and if video's the closest you can get, so be it.
But have no doubt, Elliot Leboe can cut and weave a video to make your feet move, your jaw drop, your mind explode and your eyes bleed.

Autofocus was featured in Issue #20.
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Added: 2008-09-19

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