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Airush X-Pact (2008)


If your riding is about finding new boundaries for yourself and making sure your equipment never holds you back, the X-Pact is your ride of choice. The all-round performance freeride and freestyle design features Airush's bombproof Biotech core with stepped tips for incredible flex and response. The Airush Biotech construction is a spin-off from snowboard technology where a vertical wood core sandwich is combined with a stepped construction and an ABS rail. Wood cores have long been renowned for their feel and smoothness, and combined with a triaxial construction ensures awesome flex, response and durability.

NEAL: Beautifully comfortable pads and straps. So easy to ride in the heavy chop and gusts without being so flexible that you started getting 'heavy legs'.
CHRIS: You feel a great connection to the board - the foot straps are very comfortable and pads just right. Good Airush handle. Board is a bit smaller than I would use but this feels more like an all-round performer with a slight bias towards freestyle. Moderate weight and good pop.
WILL: Looks really slick this year with the black finish. Get on it and the kiteboard is so comfortable in the chop. Feels like it's snaking its way over the water ? good upwind, but if a bit stiffer would have been even better. Gets up and going well, but just a little too soft for me for super-pop, but I think most riders would sacrifice that for the ease of use and comfort this has. Nice big platform to land tricks on.
NEAL: This is the board to test some of the more technical kites on because it's just a joy to belt around on. Not a full-on pop monster, but has ample performance and is one of the nicest boards to land on and really easy to head into those big jumps fully lit without any concern for losing your rail. Whilst not a board for full-on freestyle addicts, this is a classic all-rounder that will make anything you try more likely to come off.

SUMMARY: More than up to the job of what 90% of riders could throw at it. Not as lively as some of the top performing kiteboards, but the trade off between top level performance and comfort and ease-of-use is one many will find hard to pass up. Rocker line is spot on, travels quickly and keeps itself on top of the water. Good construction, fixtures and fittings to boot.

123 x 38cm
132 x 40cm
138 x 42cm

airush x-pact

This test is inissue #33

airush x-pact

airush x-pact
airush x-pact
airush x-pact
airush x-pact
airush x-pact

Added: 2007-12-17

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