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Airush Wave 9M (2013)

First obvious place to start with the Airush is how it good it looks decked out in the Airush Team colours of red, white and black. It's super slick and that aramid frame is worked into the design well and, as well as helping support the frame really seems to toughen up the canopy and minimise the chance of big rips. Nice, easy one pump, super simple bridle, quite a lot of C in the shape of the kite and some big, fat tips for rapid steering. It totally looks the business. The bar is the usual Airush quality and ease-of-use. The central lines run up through a plastic coating so the sheeting is super smooth, comfortable on your fingers and with no wear to the lines. The trimming straps are easy to use and stay neat and tidy, even if you've got lots of depower pulled on, there are lovely grooves on top of the bar for your hands, the chicken-loop is nice and wide, the donkey dick swivels nicely out of the way and there's a suicide/safety ring option too. It's very nice work.
On the water the Airush is incredibly agile, responsive and always feels impeccably balanced. It seems to have a sixth sense for what you want to do. In stronger winds it gets through the window quickly to a nice spot to allow you a controlled bottom turn, whereas in lighter winds, it stays nicely slotted in the middle of the window for a bit longer. The kite generally needs very little trimming as the range is so good, but with just a little trim you can do it all. Ride hooked-in for a section and then unhook if you want to and it will just glide along with you. It has a lovely poise and loads of progressive power on the throw. Pull against it and the kite will push forward in the window, ease off and it will drop back. Where these kites really come into their own is in onshore conditions where you ideally want to take a turn beyond 180 degrees ? this lets you! It leads you into the turn with no yank and just sits there waiting to be turned back up, even with slightly slack lines as you come off the top. It's basically happy with nothing to do. There's very little surge through the window and it will downloop and spin in an instant. It's like it's half Razor and half Lithium and somehow programmed to predict your movements. Send it for a boost and the acceleration off the water is what hits you the most. It's not the highest jumper, it's more of a long distance bomber, so look out downwind of you and, again, it's just so easy to pilot. Relaunch is a cinch. Instant classic.
12, 9 and 6m


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Airush Wave 9M
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