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Airush Switch 130 (2007)

Improving on the legendary all-round performance of the Switch was a big focus this year. Countless prototypes and a variety of testers ensured that Airush kept all of the ease-of-use and took the performance and comfort to a new level. The shorter comparative length means that the Switch is easier to throw around with more high-wind performance, while the increase in width maintains the low wind drive and ease-of-use.

WILL: This kiteboard is immediately good fun. Straight away you feel really comfortable which is a really good quality.
NEAL: We don't usually mention price because it becomes an issue in different countries, but this board is a bargain, and that's a massive incentive. You get way more board for your money and it doesn't feel cheap. There's perhaps not quite as much pop etc. as the top of the range boards, but most people won't notice.
GEORGE: It's just super-smooth with that oval concave that Airush boards have and responds and reflexes nicely when you land.
NEAL: The gel coat finish could chip, but if you've got nice sandy beaches it's not an issue.
WILL: ABS rails increase its strength, though. It's a little bit big for chucking about in too many ways, but for old school boosting and most hooked-in tricks and cruising it's great and really comfortable.
GEORGE: You could get away with it as a first board. You'd have to go a bit bigger in size, but you've got to be tempted by it. It definitely brings a smile to your face when you're cruising around. Nice pads and straps, too

The Switch is a pleasant surprise. And it's a prime example of how good and more appropriate to the majority of riders the boards that you don't necessarily see the pros riding are. Great, fun kiteboard that won't break the bank.

130 x 40, 138 x 42, 144 x 44cm


This test is in issue #26

Sirush Switch 130
Airush Switch 130
Airush Switch 130

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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