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Airush Razor 7m (2011)

Edging out from the crowd, the Razor C kite establishes itself with new blood as the leader in the new school C kite uprising. Perfectly aligned with the demands of the C kite enthusiasts, freestyle fanatics and wave purists, the Razor captures traditional C kite speed and power delivery with a new level of lift, depower and bar feel. Developed with the help of Airush's pro freestyle team; Gisela Pulido, Alex Pastor and Tom Hebert (when he was on the team), the result is a kite that exceeds expectations and delivers the highest level of performance within the reach of intermediate riders. Designed to be flown on five lines, the Razor has a clean profile and increased aspect ratio for increased lift and hangtime, while still retaining incredible unhooked performance. With aggressive graphics, Airush's hardcore construction details and smooth but deliberate power delivery, the Razor is sure to make its mark as the true C kite aficionado's C kite.
Razor by name, Razor sharp by nature, including in the narrow diameter bladder and struts! These things are super narrow, highlighting the flick-knife nature of the Razor. Everything about this kite screams ultrahigh performance, from the totally square tips, the incredibly flat profile with almost zero sweep, the direct line attachments to the very corners of the kite... this thing means business. The Razor uses Airush's standard Smart Bar II that can be lengthened or shortened by push pin technology, allowing you to remove or add a section of the bar depending on if you want to increase or decrease the length. The Smart Bar is also interchangeable between a five and four line set-up, so if you have different kites in your quiver, requiring four and five line set-ups, you can easily use one bar for all.
The image we have used here is of the bar at its full 65cm, but you certainly don't need that long a bar on this seven metre; it's rapid! As soon as you put the Razor up the kite feels so responsive. As you steer it up through the window, you can see each little bar input having its effect on the kite; the lines so well balanced and each playing their part, working the square, fast reacting tips. Without any bridle whatsoever, the steering isn't as light as you might be used to, but it's very, very direct. Riding a C kite like this you have to pilot the kite around the sky a lot more to generate power. This isn't for the lazy sheet in and dig in a rail kind of rider out there; it's for the ambitious, athletic rider. The more you know how to handle her, the more she'll give you back. For instance sending the kite and hitting the sweet spot above your head for boosts will give you incredible height; sending you up like a rocket. The climb is as fast as the ground speed you get with this kite. As with C kites compared to hybrids, it's really important to get the timing right, but when you do and you can really utilise the speed of this kite through the window; the performance is fantastic.
The seven feels surprisingly solid and stable above your head when you're way up, too. There's not much need to keep piloting it about for stability - the seven actually feeling as stable as a nine at the apex. The great thing is that there's always just so much feel at the bar. It's like a light sabre the way you can fling it around the sky, over your head, through a loop or really whip it up and down through the window for power or when wave riding. In terms of the loop, this seven metre is actually a bit more pivotal than you might expect from a C kite. The control and poise that the kite has in all areas of the window though is just so rewarding. Fast enough to ride waves with, when unhooked it does need some heavy trimming to stop it drifting too far back, but this kite isn't at its happiest when parked up. It's fast aerodynamics mean it likes to be on the move, which really feeds back down to you, the rider. You feel energised and up for it, like you're hanging on to the end of a stunt kite. Unhooked, it's a C kite, it's great. Again, it's not a park 'n' ride tractor type. You unhook and get a super pokey build of grunt through the bar to pop with. There's stacks of power there, but it's a gradual build, rather than ripping your arms off straight away. In the bigger sizes the Razor will obviously be steadier and sit still for longer during your trick, but this seven metre is just an incredibly fun live-wire of a kite.
Blending the speed, agility and high-performance characteristics of the legendary C kites of old, with much more usable depower, fifth line relaunch and more dynamic steering and control, the Razor is ridiculous, in the right hands. If you still don't know if you can hit the sweet spot with the kite above your head when boosting, or you can't live without roll over relaunch, this kite isn't for you.
Piloting a rally car around the sky, incredible top end and huge boosts.
The need for the kite to keep on moving when drifting downwind with it on a wave, meaning you have to keep an eye on it.
SIZES: 13, 11, 9, 7 and 5m

This test is inissue #51

airush razor
airush razor
airush razor

Added: 2011-04-27

Category: Gear

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