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Airush Razor 7m (2012)


As a dedicated 5-line kite, the Razor draws C kite enthusiasts, freestyle fanatics and wave purists with its high-end performance. The Razor has left its mark on the PKRA world freestyle tour with a World Championship title to its name and has been developed with the help of Airush's pro freestyle team members. The 2012 Razor captures traditional C kite power delivery in a high-performance, new school, five line C kite. This year, the Razor exceeds expectations as the kite created and chosen by champions, delivering the highest level of performance within the reach of intermediate riders.


The aggressive red and black colour scheme Airush have gone for in their team series of equipment this year is very striking. The Razor looks fantastic. The bar in matching red and black looks and feels very strong. There are some really pronounced ridge grips on top of the bar that are really comfortable when unhooked and below the bar the self-keying system works very well for presenting your chicken-loop when hooking back in. The plastic push away safety system is very neat and tidy and really easy to activate and put back together. Running up through it is the safety line and the chicken-loop is a really nice size with a rotating chicken finger. Airush are one of the brands to have implemented the very useful option of being able to ride in suicide for lots of unhooking, but then if you need to pull your release you can as the ring is also attached to the safety line. We like that a lot. The two chicken-loop lines running through the bar and up to the trimming system along with the safety line are nicely coated in plastic and don't irritate your fingers when you have them butted up to the centre of the bar. Finally on the bar, the trimming strap pull-pull system with little loops on the end to place a couple of fingers in are clearly marked blue and red. There's a little bit of flapping when full depowered, but there are collars to keep it down.
There are three speed of turn options on the fat square wing tips and two options on the front ? depower or grunty. This is a full-on competition C kite. There's just enough reinforcements on the kite without being so heavy that it would start to hinder performance, there's no wastage and this is a very athletic kite.
Riding around the bar sits beautifully balanced halfway up the throw. When you want power, sheet in and the delivery is very smooth and incremental, it feels very natural. You can feel the power from the kite coming through your body very progressively, even in very gusty winds, which is very reassuring. The steering is light and direct at the bar making the kite feel very responsive. Even though it's a full-on competition kite, Airush have managed to make it one of the most comfortable C kites to ride. More importantly it's a good kite loop machine. We felt right at home on it and when the wind was blowing hard the loops felt good, driving all the way through the turn and with lots of steady power. The Razor jumps well, it doesn't blow your mind, but it has more than enough lift for lots of fun. Depower is clean and linear and you always maintain a good feel for the kite sheeted in or out. Whether you are banging off downwind or hacking upwind the Razor feels the same and flies in the same way and with the same speed. It's a proper C kite, but it always feels manageable and is very clean off the hook and we liked the fact there's never much trimming needed. The transition between hooked-in and unhooked performance is seamless. There is no dropping back and lagging. On some kites you unhook and edge and do a very aggressive take-off and that actually kills the power in the kite as it flies too far forward. The opposite end is there's too much back line pressure and the kite chugs, giving an explosive take-off, but it's more technical for passing. This is nicely in the middle, providing explosive pop but behaving itself in the middle of the trick, leaving you still in control of the kite. There are no surprises.


Airush have produced an all-out competition C kite in one of the more easy-to-use
packages. You don't need arms like a wrestler to ride it and unhook on it ? you could ride it all day long and everything about this kite is fun and intuitive. Nice and rigid in the sky, great feel at the bar, powerful, predictable loops, super reliable unhooked performance ? there aren't many boxes the Razor doesn't tick in this C kite test.


Crazy performance in a very comfortable kite.


It could perhaps be a little beefier in reinforcements.


13, 11, 9, 7 and 5.5m



This test is
in issue #56

Airush Razor
Airush Razor
Airush Razor
Airush Razor
Airush Razor
Airush Razor

Added: 2012-04-25

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