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Airush Protoy Exile (2008)

The Protoy showcases Airush's newest technology, engineered for contest versatility. Spinal Core 2 and Custom X is included in the awesome lightwind performance of the Exile that holds the all-round performance of the smaller sizes in the range. The Spinal Core features a unique linear foam core for unparalleled damage tolerance and sheer force strength which is combined with higher density wood I-Beam in the heel-side rail area. This laminate is a blend of uni-directional and bi-axial cloths, for perfect flex, response and durability.
The smaller version was one of our favourites in the high wind bump and jump in Tenerife so this had a lot to live up to. Again, it looks amazing from the pimp graphics to the matching pads and straps which are some of the best we've seen yet with their Nike style air pads. The kiteboard is a genuinely scaled up version of its little brother, with the same kick tips and slightly rounded outline.
More difficult to get going before you're properly powered up than some of the wider, straighter outlines.
Those pads and straps really give you the option of getting them as tight or as loose as you want really easily. I thought it coped well with more power, but it did feel a bit sluggish until it got going when it races along fine. The double concave suits the cruiser and it soaks up any chop for a really smooth ride.
Once you're cruising this Exile reminds us why the Protoy shape has been revamped again. It feels very responsive, just chewing up any chop or waves with a beautifully smooth ride. It delivers pretty good pop, but it's the ease you can go into your tricks powered at speed that really shines, allowing you to really give it everything on take-off. Landing on those pads is always gonna be so easy!
A smaller rider would get on with this in lighter airs as their second kiteboard, but there isn't the outright lightwind performance of some others for heavier riders.
This would also definitely work as a one board quiver for a heavier intermediate rider looking to ride in stronger 'normal' conditions.
This scaled-up Protoy retains the smooth performance of its smaller siblings, which we loved, but in this test, that smoothnes detracted from the best lightwind performance. If you're a mid- to heavier weight rider looking for a one board quiver though this is a cracker in normal conditions.
Slick looks, sublime pads and straps and accomplished handling once powered.
More get up and go at the bottom end for really light winds.
SIZES: S ? 135 x 44 and L ? 135 x 47cm.
Airush Protoy Exile: Large (light wind) Kite Board

Airush Protoy Exile: Large (light wind) Kite Board
Airush Protoy Exile: Large (light wind) Kite Board

Airush Protoy Exile: Large (light wind) Kite Board

Airush Protoy Exile: Large (light wind) Kite Board

Airush Protoy Exile: Large (light wind) Kite Board

Airush Protoy Exile: Large (light wind) Kite Board

Airush Protoy Exile: Large (light wind) Kite Board

Airush Protoy Exile: Large (light wind) Kite Board

Added: 2008-11-24

Category: Gear

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