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Airush Protoy 135 (2008)

The Pro Toy showcases Airush's newest technology, engineered for contest versatility. Their most advanced range features Spinal Core II and Custom X that includes an all-new smaller Pro Toy Exile for 2008, combining the awesome light wind performance of the Exile with the all-round performance of the Pro Toy. Unique double concave bottom and flip-tip ends effortlessly soak up chop while still ensuring the softest landings.

I really think this is beautiful. So impressive and this design has held for years. The pads and straps on this board are some of the best on the market. The kick tips work brilliantly as well ? you can be slightly off on your landing and that board takes it. Gets going really quickly, rides fast and deals with chop stunningly. Really good combo of outline, tips, flex and pads and straps.
WILL: You would have to do something seriously wrong to mess up your landing with those kick tips that push the nose up. Looks good in pure white and flies through the water smoothly and feels soft yet responsive underfoot. Landings are really smooth with soft pads and the big platform felt solid on
landings. It's not a complicated ride, so you don't have to be a freestyle guru to ride it and that shape has stood the test of time.
NEAL: Compared to a specialist squared outline freestyle kiteboard it doesn't have the same level of outright pop, but for me the ability to go hard and fast with such comfort and landings outweighs the loss of pop compared to an absolute freestyle board, but you'll only notice if you are a good rider and ride them all back to back.
WILL: So many people could ride that board; not just freestylers.
CHRIS: The concave makes it so soft underfoot. Almost like you're floating on something between the board and the water.
NEAL: This board will still be good in five years time.

Thankfully Airush haven't tried to fiddle too much with a stunning kiteboard that has done everything well for a number of years. It's still an exhilarating and rewarding ride that's been updated with new materials.

Slick white looks and easy-toaccess performance for most riders.

Give us a minute, we'll think of something.

123 x 37, 129 x 39 and 135 x 41cm.
Pro Toy Exile: S: 135 x 44, L: 135 x 47cm.
Airush Protoy 135 Kite Board

This test is inissue #34

Airush Protoy 135 Kite Board
Airush Protoy 135 Kite Board
Airush Protoy 135 Kite Board
Airush Protoy 135 Kite Board
Airush Protoy 135 Kite Board
Airush Protoy 135 Kite Board
Airush Protoy 135 Kite Board

Added: 2008-11-24

Category: Gear

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