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Airush Pro Toy 127 (2005)

DAN: A real live wire of a twin-tip. It needs constant entertaining. If you used it for a couple of weeks there's no doubt it would improve your kiting. There's definitely room to grow into this kiteboard, whatever your level. It looks filthy, has endless energy, performs in all conditions and is a hot performer. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.
Airush have two boards that could have fitted our testing criteria ? the Pro Toy and the X-Pact. The main differences between the two are the concave bottom and tucked rails of the Pro Toy, and the ABS rails and bombproof construction of the X-Pact. The target users of the Pro Toy are advanced intermediate to pro riders, so we threw all our energy into that one, making the most of the ballistic conditions.
According to Airush the exotic construction and progressive shape found on the Pro Toy give uncompromised performance. The concave bottom with hand-shaped rails are for wave riding as well as offering a more forgiving ride when pushing the limits. The contest-orientated rocker ensures it's very quick. This is Airush's top end competition board.
NEAL: Definitely a competition kiteboard. I really liked it, it's what I expected from a little twin-tip. Super controllable even with a lot of wind and a tiny kite.
DAN: I think the pads are a really good idea, and really comfortable. Adjustable straps too which I think are great.
NEAL: If the Pro Toy is sold as the top end of the twin-tip market, then it's absolutely bang on. It's so fast and loose, and feels light as anything on your feet. It's twitchy, slidy and didn't want to be locked into anything for long periods. I felt if I wanted to lock it into something I'd better do it quickly before it slid out or you'd be in the air! It's made for really good riders.
DAN: Go big and do tricks...all the time.
NEAL: It just wanted to go ballistic. That is a great kiteboard. So fast.
DAN: You could go out in a lot of bouncy stuff in high winds, many twin-tips won't let you do that. You can do three tricks every run with that board.
NEAL: It's like it's got a small concentration span. Relax on that board for a second and you'll get mullered. You have to be playing 100% of the time.
DAN: It's not designed for chilling out.
NEAL: It will do this and do that, but if you're a bit slack in your top turn, or a bit slack in going rail-to-rail it will punish you by sliding out instantly.
137 x 39cm
127 x 38cm
119 x 38cm


This test is in issue #13

Airush Pro Toy
Airush Pro Toy
Airush Pro Toy
Airush Pro Toy

Added: 2007-03-08

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