Home Gear Airush Lift 14m (2006)

Airush Lift 14m (2006)

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a gangster and cruising around with a powerful weapon attached to your waist, then this is for you. Packing a punch, with bags of...err, lift... is what this kite is all about. More high aspect than most, so gets right to the front of the window and ploughs upwind, and also gets you going in light winds. Doesn't have the most depower in
the world, so watch for being pulled downwind in big gusts. We don't feel it has changed much from last year, but it still does everything well, so why change?
Airush have one of the biggest product ranges in kiteboarding. This particular model focuses on creating a perfect blend of pivotal and power turning; turning quickly in the window and injecting precise power for aggressive riding. This kite flies really far forward in the window creating a remarkable upwind edge. A solid performer with smooth delivery, speed and a consistent drive.
GEORGE: This kite packs some beef! I think we'll struggle to say too much about the bar, though. It just works, there's nothing fancy getting in the way. It's simple and does the job.
NEAL: The kite itself is a tractor. Really good pull and I think it turns beautifully; nice and quick.
JAKE: Is a really good jumping kite. Reliable and stable. You can send it behind your head no worries - up you go.
WILL: The steering is quite heavy.
NEAL: Yeah but it's high aspect. For that power feel you have to get more back line pressure, otherwise it doesn't work.
GEORGE: It just does everything solidly.
NEAL: Still got a big leading edge, not sure if they've changed that. Definitely a grunty model to get you going.
JAKE: It actually feels even more powerful than last year.
GEORGE: I did some dangle loops on the Airush. It isn't scary being unhooked on such a powerful kite - it is nice. It's a bit of a go everywhere kite really, like a charged up 4x4.
6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18m

This test is in issue #21



Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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