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Airush Halo 7m (2006)

Has a light bar pressure for a pulley bar system, but as a result the stability suffers - as seems to be the case with the heavy steering = stability relationship. The bar is nice and simple and the quick release amazing. Small bar movements have a huge effect on this kite. You have so much power on tap, but you can get rid of it just as easily. Flies really far into the window so goes upwind brilliantly. A nippy little mover for sure.
Airush have designed the Halo for intermediate or advanced riders looking for increased security, depower and efficiency. The focus is on reduced bar pressure, increased upwind ability and stability. A load return system assists in minimising bar load as the kite is sheeted out which also returns the bar to the base of the depower line if the kite is crashed.


GEORGE: That trigger quick release is amazing. It's got a reassuring stiffness to it - you don't want to accidentally tap it and have it spring open. It's tough too.
NEAL: It's so easy to put back together. Even though there's tonnes of sand in it, it's fine.
GEORGE: I really like the elastic running around the bar and chicken loop that literally brings the bar back to you.
NEAL: The bar never runs away. If the kite pulls and you push the bar out, the elastic stretches, taking the pressure off your arms. If the kite's not pulling, it brings the bar back. When you drop the kite, the bar's just waiting for you right by your harness. You can almost trim the kite so you've got a bar that rides on the end of the elastic and all you have to do is steer. I think that is really good.
WILL: The depower's nice. Again there's an extension system but it's not bulky, and everything is marked well. I understand now why Airush only gave us the 7 - it is grunty and doesn't feel that much smaller than the other kites. That first day when it wasn't that windy I was surprised I got out on a 7...and jumped on it too. It was on 20 metre lines as well!
NEAL: It looks flatter than any other kite, therefore it blasts upwind and has the most enormous hit of power. An inch of bar pressure change makes a huge difference.
JAKE: Such a lively kite to turn as well. The flatness seems to gives you full-on power that's sharp in delivery rather than gradual.
GEORGE: More direct power than a spongy sort of power. With that Airush it was like 'Boom!' It was fun. You'd really boost high so easily.
NEAL: I'd say this is least like a C kite, and the bowest of the bows!
7, 10 and 14m

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Added: 2008-08-01

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