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Airush Flow 10m (2008)

The Flow combines the incredible wind range and sheeting ability of a bow kite with the direct steering and bar simplicity of a C kite. This makes the Flow excellent for all levels of riding, from dedicated wave riding to freeride and freestyle. For 2008, Airush has reduced the bar pressure and increased the steering speed and response, using a slightly finer foil-entry and angle-of-attack on the larger sizes. This translates into improved upwind ability and speed across the window.

JAMES: Good looking kite, nice and simple. The bar is a bit too long for me though at 55 centimetres and doesn't feel the most robust, but that's just aesthetics. The trigger system works simply and effectively.
CHRIS: The kite is very fast through the sky and flies well, feeling nice and solid in the air. Turning is smooth and predictable with good amounts of power in the turn. Produces loads of low end power (probably due to its speed from the longer lines).
JAMES: Loads and loads of range, this kite is really good. Airush don't attach the stopper system for you, so you need to remember to attach that yourself otherwise when you spin the bar it flies out of reach. This is great for beginners because it will always depower, but you couldn't take the freestyle onto the next level without adding the stopper, which you can get. And the kite isn't the quickest either, so would be good for beginners because it is predictable. The relaunch is OK, again, not the quickest, but fine nonetheless.
CHRIS: Yeah I feel the same - the kite is really good; perfect for beginners, intermediates or wave riders.

Airush have made a comfortable kite, that is suitable for most kiters' needs. Good depower, consistent and smooth handling.

5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16m

Airush - Flow


Kiteworld Mag Issue #30
This test is in issue #30

Airush - Flow
Airush - Flow
Airush - Flow
Airush - Flow
Airush - Flow
Airush - Flow

Added: 2008-08-01

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