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Airush Exile 135 (2006)


A real all-rounder in this category. An advanced rider would love it in the light wind, or a heavier rider would be better off with this rather than a narrower shape. Beginners will save a lot of time and will find it good to progress on to. Outgrow it and keep it as a second board for when it's really light. Good fun kiteboard.

In just one year, the Exile has defined itself as the ultimate lightwind performance machine. A parallel outline and width provide superb upwind performance and the short length gives a relatively low swing weight for its size. Premium construction combines perfect flex and a bombproof construction with the X-Link PVC core. A full top and bottom rail wrap allows for a soft, hand-shaped rail ensuring the board is more forgiving and stable to ride. A PPT layer on the bottom and deck enhances the durability without limiting the flex characteristics.

WILL: You take a look and think it's going to be so unresponsive. I think it's the widest board, but it's so surprising on the water. It's really good fun. I could even railey it. It's heavy on your feet but it's got a nice bit of pop on it.
NEAL: Yeah, but you've got to be a little bit careful with your landings on a board that wide. It's also fairly straight and stiff.
WILL: You had to land flat and you got so much time to get away with things. It rode flat really well, and would plane forever without power. Even carving and going toe-side were easy.
NEAL: That's really good and surprising for such a wide board. Really comfortable through chop, too.
WILL: Good upwind and I never really got overpowered.
NEAL: I took a 13m out when you guys were on 10s and it was fine but there must be a limit on it, there always is with the widestyles. It's got five centimetre fins on but you could still skate it around.
WILL: Did you think there was any flex?
NEAL: Not really. But there's so much more release in the bottom shape so it doesn't stick to the water. There's a scoop taken right out the middle that lets air in as you take off. It makes it really comfortable and seems to absorb the bumps really well. Good construction, too.
WILL: The pads felt good and were really easy to put together.
NEAL: All the better for not having ten million options of where to put them.
WILL: Looks good. Nice grooves for board-offs. Apart from major unhooked stuff you can pretty much do what you want on that board. On a kiteboard this wide I wouldn't normally try kite loops for fear of breaking my ankles. I did them on this.
NEAL: You don't want to be fully lit on a board like this, but you could definitely rag it.

135x47 cm only{/tabs}

This test is in issue #21

Airush Exile
Airush Exile

Added: 2007-03-26

Category: Gear

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