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Airush DNA 6m (2007)

Unlike the nature of our genetic make-up, this kite is as simple as they come. The power in this six was breathtaking, and although there was some slight distortion in the canopy in really strong winds, it idn't affect its handling. Not a pure freestyler's kite, but for basic punting around or wave riding, the DNA's simple handling and depower make it ideal for beginners to accomplished riders looking for uncomplicated fun.
The new DNA combines all of the best family traits of its siblings with the latest kite technology. Extremely functional and easy to use, the DNA has been developed to take you from your tentative first steps in this new sport all the way to busting monster moves. The key to the DNA's performance is its hybrid design that offers optimized relaunch, depower, and safety characteristics. The super-functional kite and bar configuration makes the DNA perfect for the first- ime buyer or any rider looking for exceptional ease-of-use.
SHINN: The kite looks a little bare straight out the bag with only three struts. The bar and finish is really good though.
GEORGE: There's no one pump or minibattens or anything. What you get is all that is necessary. It has a straight SLE bridle, and everything is colour-coded for easy setup. The bar's very functional with a nice stopper that slides just enough to be safe, but is comfortable to ride against. The trigger release is very good but as it's a trigger that you pull down towards you to activate, if you're unhooked and pulling the chicken loop back down to hook in, it could go off. Easy to put back together though.
WILL: All just nice and simple. The only problem I have with the power adjustment is that you have to pull the depower line away from you through a cleat that sits by the chicken loop. It's really hard to get enough leverage to pull the line through if you're powered when you have to pull it towards the kite. You can do it if you ride towards the kite to ease the tension in the lines, but what about if you're stood on the beach? Having said that though, I don't think anyone needed to alter the power too much... the six metre just seemed the right size whatever wind each day! It was brilliant.
GEORGE: I love this kite. Absolute simplicity and pure joy. Turns on a dime and has loads of power for its size. We were testing this when everyone else was just about powered on 9s, and also riding it in up to 35 knots. That's a great wind range.
SHINN: In the air it's a good, fun kite, pleasantly fast with good depower. Adequate hang-time - not the best for any one thing but a really fun kite in windy conditions.
NEAL: Fantastic wind range so you can get out on your surfboard with a small kite that still has great turning even in lighter winds. Beautifully simple for beginners to pro wave riders. SHINN: Not good for unhooking in strong winds though.
4, 6, 9 and 12m
Airush DNA (Apr/May 07: Issue #26 Kite Test)

This test is in issue #26

Airush DNA
Airush DNA
Airush DNA

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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