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The Apex's performance suits aggressive intermediate to advanced riders and offers ease and comfortable at fast speeds. Featuring a higher rocker, the new Venturi concave also stabilises the board at speed by channeling water flow away from the fins and through the centre of the tail area, enabling the fin area to sit deeper in the water, allowing the use of smaller fins. The precisely CNC'd asymmetrical shape enhances the performance of the independent flex tips and carbon torsional control by aligning the response of the board with the rider's weight orientation towards the heel edge. The Apex are the widest boards in the Airush range in relation to length, suiting intermediates that don't necessarily want to ride too powered, or advanced riders looking for something more forgiving than the Livewire.

Airush have gone with a relatively understated but consistent look in the Apex. Stylish and not garish, the initial eye catchers on the Apex are the bright red foot pads and straps. Adjustable in in three stance angles, not only are they striking, but provide a superb mix of freestyle and comfortable freeride application. Enveloping the foot in a nice, soft and yet supporting way, there is lots of easy adjustment and that squidgy pad really allows your heel to mould itself in and the traction provides lots of grip. You immediately feel locked in in a comfortable way and the straps also tighten down well to work for small feet.

The general construction is quite traditional with the top and bottom sheets bonded to the flat rail. The Apex looks fairly generic in terms of today's mid-range twin-tip outlines with regard to fairly wide tips with more volume in the middle of the board and then stepped down to the rails and tips. The step down shows the asymmetric bias towards the heel-side of the board in the tips, aiding stiffness for pop on the heel-side while softening up the toe-side for carving and manoeuvres where you need bite, but can't get the same power through the board on your weaker toe-side rail.

The Apex has a single concave that is quite progressive, running from quite small in the middle to a bigger (but still not really big) towards the tips, which provides a lot of comfort and gives the Apex a lot of purpose in the way it feels in its ride. Very grippy but not so grippy that you feel like you're on rails, for us the Airush provided a very easy test because it's easy to ride straight away in terms of gripping and getting going. The fairly generous rocker handles the chop well and has lots of benefits in terms of carving the board and when switching heel to toe.

There are easier twin-tips in terms of the pure freeriding basics that feel softer and cruisier as the Apex's tips are fairly wide, but for a good intermediate upwards this is brilliant in its lively, progressive performance. Mind you, having said that the rocker also has lots of benefits for beginners as you don't have to stamp on your back foot all the time and allows a relaxed stance. We could ride that all day long as it's comfortable, plenty quick enough and with enough performance to grow into. The Apex is just good fun. 

Photo of AIRUSH APEX 2014  Photo of AIRUSH APEX 2014  Photo of AIRUSH APEX 2014  Photo of AIRUSH APEX 2014 

The Apex does exactly what a good freeride/freestyle twin-tip should do. The Apex is up there with the top twin-tips that bridge the gap between beginner / intermediate / expert and represents as good a buy for the rider looking for their first serious board as it is for the more advanced rider just looking for a fun new stick. Also handling boots, the Apex is a fine example of a freeride twin-tip that leans more towards the freestyle end of the performance spectrum.

A fast, lively and easy ride that encourages you to keep improving no matter the conditions. Great broad spectrum of application.

There are perhaps more beautifully crafted and finely manufactured twin-tips on the outside, but if the feel of the Apex is anything to go by, it's what's on the inside that counts in this case.

Build quality: 7.5
Fixtures and fittings: 8
Speed: 8
Pop: 8
Upwind: 8
Slider proof: N/A
Freeriding: 7
Freestyle: 8
Ease-of-use: 8

SIZES: 138 x 42, 135 x 41 and 132 x 40cm


Added: 2014-06-26

Category: Gear

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