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Airtime - New Bladder Material

Airtime New Bladder MaterialAccording to Windwing kite designer, Bob Wendler, you can now increase the performance of any inflatable kite! Let's face it, there hasn't been much you could do to modify or improve your kite without getting out the sewing machine and having a lot of know-how, until now. Thanks to Airtimekite.com there is now an exclusive new bladder material that provides an easy way to increase the rigidity and performance of any inflatable kite. This new state-of-the-art bladder material has been tested by the Windwing R&D team and others for over a year, and has proven to work well in both summer and winter conditions. The material is not only about half the weight of traditional bladder material, but is much stiffer. Installing these bladders into your existing kite, not only makes it become much lighter, but the tubes also become much stiffer and no longer require as much air pressure to achieve the rigidity required by most modern kites. Once installed, the old bladders can be saved as back-up bladders for if you crash or pop your kite in some remote location. Windwing offer to install these bladders as an upgrade on any of their new kites. Installing these new Airtime bladders in your kite is well worth the added expense and effort since the gain in performance is very noticeable. You can also contact Airtime for bladders for other brands.



The Airtime new bladder material featured in Issue #34

Added: 2008-08-28

Category: Gear

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