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Advance Omega Wake (2008)


The Omega Wake is hand made, constructed with 100% wood core and has a wider stance for a more aggressive wake-style of riding. Extra strong bolts and multiple attachment points allow the use of either straps or bindings. New flex in the tips and a stiffer centre provide more pop and control.

CHRIS: There's a very, very thin wood core and these big fat, flat rails. The outline is good and looks well proportioned with nice parallel rails in the middle and well-rounded tips.
NEAL: The fins are a bit of a downside and don't look like the best quality, but if you feel that strongly about them can be easily replaced. The colour is certainly a personal choice...
WILL: When I first put my feet in the straps I thought they were going to be slippery, but they're not, they're really comfortable and that toe-hook works very well. I liked those a lot.
CHRIS: You notice how light it is straight away. On the water the pads and straps are great but it's the really loose feeling that gets your attention. I think bigger fins would add more grip as its looseness meant I couldn't get a really good edge and pop at my weight. Perhaps longer fins would give it more drive.
WILL: You really need to ride with a lot of weight over your back foot. It felt really stiff too, like it's meant for a heavier rider.
NEAL: If you got right back you could get your rail in, but you need to already have good technique for this board I think. I like the skatey feel in boards sometimes as it's great for surface-passes and tricks like that, though.
CHRIS: Once up in the air it was nice and light on your feet and you hardly noticed it. Could have also done with a bit more width for me for its length but it cruises upwind, is very light and comfortable. Carves and releasing to switch are perfectly good and it's not one of those boards that sprays you in the face all afternoon!

SUMMARY: Performs well under the feet of a good rider, but anyone at intermediate level would find this a handful with too little grip for hassle-free progression. Advanced riders should put bigger fins on to get the most out of this.

130 x 38.5cm


This test is inissue #33



Added: 2008-08-01

Category: Gear

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