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Advance Kondor 11m (2007)

KITEWORLD SUMMARY: If you're unfamiliar with Advance then you need to get in the know about this previously exclusively paraglidingfocussed company as this kite is pretty special. A great mix of performance and safe handling. Good for riders of intermediate ability and upwards looking for a kite with plenty of scope for riding progression. A good allrounder with sweet handling hooked and unhooked, is fast and grunty with plenty of depower and can punt you up some, too.
Advance have created the 'double hybrid system', moulding the best performances and qualities of bow and C kites into a unique, multi-purpose kite that can be changed from SLE to fifth-line. The 'evolved fifth-line' system allows the rider to change the shape of the kite's leading edge while riding by sheeting the main line in or out thanks to its six attachment points on the leading edge, controlling the power and precision in the handling. The Kondor is a true all-round kite and can be used by riders of all levels and for any situation or style.
TIM: It's got a really distinctive look without being too flashy. The build quality is great with real attention to detail.
WILL: I just think the chicken-loop is a little clumpy, but everything else works well.
ALEX: The one thing I have an issue with is the depower. When you do some spins it gets twisted up a bit, so it's not as smooth to power up or depower as much as you might like. It's not a problem to untwist it, you just have to do so.
TIM: I actually really like this bar and line set-up. The absolute clincher today was the trim-able fifth-line; a huge advantage, especially as this was one of the biggest kites we had out today. I think it would have been too windy to use an 11 metre without it. Once out on the water I eased off the fifth and had as much power on tap as I could handle.
ALEX: It's got an allen key lockable stopper and, although it would be nice to be able to alter it while you're riding, for me, that's minor because the kite is good. Really stable, turns nice and quickly ? directional turns like a C-kite; it doesn't pivot and always seems to be moving forwards. Copes with the gusts well and the lift is good.
WILL: I didn't get overpowered on it yesterday in strong winds and today, in light winds, I found it had really good bottom-end power. Everyone else was on bigger kites and I was the only one that could stay upwind. That's good range. Nice, boosty airs and it kite loops quickly too... in the low winds anyway.
TIM: Handles really nicely, is very stable and very quick to turn. Great for boosting and carving hard. My only regret with this kite is it was the last one I used in the day, and I was so beat I didn't really get to let loose as much as I know I could with this kite.

7, 9, 11, 13 and 15m

Advance Kondor 11m (Aug/Sep 07: Issue #28 Kite Test)


Advance Kondor
Advance Kondor
Advance Kondor

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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