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Plug and Turn Foot Strap

THE HYPE:The all-new 'Plug and Turn' rotating foot strap system has been improved to fit nearly all production kite surfboards. Easy to install it's also simply demountable to switch between strapped and strapless riding. Also des...

Plug and Turn Foot Strap

2010 Wetsuit Guide

INTRO Don't let the cold weather stop you from amassing more moves over the winter. Get some new rubber and you'll stay warm and perform better DRYSUITS: INTRO A drysuit is the ultimate in warm wear for the water, as long as you w...

2010 Wetsuit Guide

Flexifoil Storm 3 Bar (2004)

WHAT DOES IT DO?The Storm 3 bar is a refinement on last year's leashless system. Once the release is pulled the rider is leashed by the chicken loop via one of the front lines.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RELEASE? The release is on a tog...

Flexifoil Storm 3 Bar (20

Slingshot Surefire Bar (2004)

WHAT DOES IT DO?The Surefire is effectively a spinning leash re-ride system that's attached to it's own spreader bar. There's a release on the hook of the spreader bar itself, a regular release on the chicken loop of the kite you'...

Slingshot Surefire Bar (2

RRD Type 6 Bar (2004)

WHAT DOES IT DO?Pull the handle and the kite immediately releases three of the four flying lines, losing 100% of its power.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RELEASE?The Caution handle is attached to three of the four flying lines, and when pu...

RRD Type 6 Bar (2004)

Wipika CLS Bar (2004)

WHAT DOES IT DO?The CLS is a fifth line re-launch and safety system. As with the North, the idea of the fifth line is that if the kite ends up in the water; all you have to do to relaunch is come out of the chicken loop and let go...

Wipika CLS Bar (2004)

North 5th Element Bar (2004)

WHAT IS IT?A fifth line re-launch and safety system that also maintains and stabilises the aerodynamic shape and efficiency of the kite.WHAT DOES IT DO?The fifth line acts as a leash that attaches to your harness, maintains the ae...

North 5th Element Bar (20

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Nobile 50Fifty
Nobile 50Fifty

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Cabrinha Switchblade 7m
Cabrinha Switchblade 7m

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