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Aboards X Series (2008)

The high performance board of the Aboard's 2008 collection is loaded with excellent pop and premium graphics for those who prefer ripping aggressive freestyle moves and feel that wakeboard tricks are something that any kiteboarder should have within their reach. This 3-D progressive kiteboard is manufactured with snowboard technology, making it superstrong and durable. Each board's geometry is fine-tuned for wake-style riding.
CHRIS: This was the smallest board on test, and it felt it. Felt very flat and short under-foot. Would have to say that it went upwind well for its size and the pop was good in comparison to its size as well. On the face of what we got from this small board, I think the bigger ones would have offered an advanced rider a lot.
WILL: Yeah, it's fairly stiff, I think it's definitely more suited to an advanced rider than an intermediate. This was just too short though and needed too much of a change in riding style for me as I'm so used to a much bigger, wider board than this.
NEAL: Construction-wise it's tough, solid and light. All the fixtures and fittings are neat and tidy, easy to assemble and look good. The pads and straps are actually one unit The fins are well made and the chunky pads lock you in.
CHRIS: Basically this board has a lot of potential in a bigger size, but this one would suit a much lighter rider than me. In stronger winds would be a bullet-proof rocket, I'm sure.
The X-series went upwind really well despite its size and the 128 would be ideally suited to riders under 70 kilos wanting to ride in high winds. Anyone above that, shop in the larger sizes. Well constructed, neat and tidy.
128 x 38.5cm
131 x 39cm
134 x 39.5cm
(Jun/Jul 08: Issue #33 - Board Test)

Aboards X Series

This test is inissue #33

Aboards X Series
Aboards X Series

Aboards X Series
Aboards X Series
Aboards X Series

Added: 2008-07-17

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