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Aboards X-Series 134 (2009)

Aboards 2009 X-series is a high-performance board aimed at new school freestyle/wake-style riding and is equipped with an extra insert to allow a wider stance position and to accommodate standard wakeboard bindings. The X-series 3-D progressive boards are manufactured with snowboard technology, making them super-strong and durable and have multiple flex zones and bi-directional flex tips. The board's whole geometry, rocker and core are fine-tuned for kite wake-style riding. Further finery features a tunnel concave bottom, anti-spray cuts, extended outline tips for upwinders, ABS bumper rails, a glossy top sheet finish with durable anti-scratch cover and a snowboard technology bottom sheet.

What a smart, understated design with that brilliant flash of red X. Really good looking board and feels quality in your hands. Fantastic looking and feeling snowboard construction with funky cut outs in the tips to stop you getting a face full of water and does that well. The rocker is very flat, making it get going quickly and it's fast, light and very enjoyable. The X-Series in general is reliable and performs well and for quite a small looking 134 doesn't feel tiny. The stiffness and flat rocker give it heaps of upwind performance as well as a stable platform for loading up for or landing tricks. It's not as locked-in a ride as some boards, but it's not so loose that you feel you need more grip ? we think they've got the balance about right on this. When you're doing stuff on it it's lively and gives you plenty of ambition ? it has plenty of go in it. We're losing that never-ending burst of energy that 18 year-olds have and because this makes things easy and smooth, it gives you that extra boost you're looking for.

What it comes down to with a board like this is that it isn't completely unique and doing something revolutionary that the other good boards can't do. But everything about the board is good, from the fixtures and fittings to the performance, and if you want a good looking, solid board that is not going to disappoint, this is as good a choice as any. Clean cut and well behaved, but rips on a weekend.

Reliable performance, speed and handling.

The X-Series is perhaps not in the top three twin-tips in the world, scoring 10/10 in every single area but there's not much to not like. A lot of snowboard construction manufacturers are just fine-tuning what are already good shapes.

137 x 42, 134 x 40.5, 131 x 40 and 128 x 39cm (limited edition)
Aboards X-Series 134

This test is inissue #37

Aboards X-Series 134
Aboards X-Series 134
Aboards X-Series 134
Aboards X-Series 134
Aboards X-Series 134
Aboards X-Series 134

Added: 2009-03-02

Category: Gear

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