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Aboard Z Series Review (2008)

The high performance board of Aboards 2008 collection is a superior choice for those who like a variety of freestyle and freeride in their kiteboarding riding mix. The board has excellent upwind ability and balanced pop. Its high end graphics will ensure that heads will turn on the beach. Manufactured in the 3D line of progressive boards in snowboard technology for maximum strength and durability with ABS bomber rails and a tough anti-scratch cover. The 3D top deck is made with multiple flex zones and the bottom has a tunnel concave.
NEAL: Definitely one of the snowboardstyle constructed boards with squared, pressed ABS rails.
WILL: The rails are thick in the middle then drop away and taper in the tips.
NEAL: Pads and straps are OK, but just a little bit tough on bare feet. We had Aboard Z Seriesnew strap syndrome going on and they just needed to wear in a bit and become less stiff. When you pick the board up, there's no doubt it's tough and sturdy. Can't fault it on fixtures and fittings. All very sturdy. Good chunky pads that have a nice comfy toe-grip moulded in as well as a good heel-kick on the pad, too.
WILL: All the fittings are neat and tidy, very easy to assemble and look good. I was very impressed with the way this board feels in your hands ? absolutely rock solid. It's thin and had the modern 3D snowboard mould with the modern flex patterns in the tips. On the water it performs equally well. I found it lively and coped brilliantly with both the lower and higher wind speeds today. I didn't have to think too hard about preparing for the lulls as it maintained its speed well.
Aboard Z SeriesCHRIS: Yeah, good constant board speed and it copes with speed very well. I cranked upwind on this, making my way a long way up the bay in just a couple of tacks. I couldn't find much wrong with this board. Plenty of performance for riders at our level and at a more intermediate level.
NEAL: Very solid, very easy to get the rail engaged and the stiff middle section on the board helps accelerate quickly alongside the kite when the kite's powered up. Really good pop as well because there's a good level of stiffness and alongside the flex pattern allows you to really easily load up and get release.
CHRIS: Feels nice and light on your feet and holds its speed when you're going upwind so you can flatten it out through the lulls and maintain your speed.
NEAL: This rides fast because it's stiff and it deals with both the gruntier freestyle tricks and the softer depowerable kites equally well. .
WILL: I definitely had a good session on this and can't find too much wrong with it for a rider of my weight or above and ability.

SUMMARY: Good all round, solid, comfortable board with excellent fittings that would suit any rider, from aggressive freestyler to the weekend cruiser, but is perhaps too stiff for a lighter rider to get the most from. Good lifetime on this for beach bashers, too.
Aboard Z SeriesAboard Z Series
130 x 39.5cm
133 x 40cm
136 x 40.5cm

Aboard Z Series



Aboard Z Series




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Added: 2008-08-01

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