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Aboard 137 (2007)

Produced in an advanced manufacturing press, the Aboard ranges are tested to a pressure of 68 tonnes, so there's no question about strength or durability. Computer-calculated and rider-tested 3-D surface rofiles of different thicknesses create various flex levels across the board, ensuring immediate absorption of any vibration and outstanding pop. The combination of airex, ABS and wood cores create ultra-lightweight but incredibly strong boards. A tunnel concave ensures great acceleration and planing combined with stability and riding control, as well as an easy upwind ability.

WILL: Here's another board using snowboard technology. This is a good ride; fairly stiff but with nice flex nearer the tips of the board.
MIKEY: Yeah a fast, comfortable ride and the straps and pads are good.
WILL: Not the most interesting design, but it's got an anti-scratch cover which is good for those shingle beaches. The pads are nice, you can ride them loose but also angle your feet in so that they lock. This is one of my thumbs up boards. It is one of the bigger shapes but feels like a good size, especially for landing.
ALEX: Yeah it's pretty big at 137 but is controllable. The advantage of riding a bigger board is that it's easier to land tricks and also get out in lighter winds.
WILL: It goes upwind really well and the gradual rocker makes things controllable.
ALEX: It should go upwind well at that size. It only has quite small fins though, but that doesn't hamper its upwind ability.
WILL: It is really nice for landing; the large surface area with small fins means you can slide it if you don't land perfectly without tripping and then you can bury your rail again. Overall I think this is comfortable and pretty capable.

A new name for most of you, the Aboard 137 provides a good, solid ride and would work for what 90% of people want; good upwind ability, comfort, control, some stiffness for pop and enough flex for comfortable landings. Not the smoothest carving board you'll ever ride, but you can't have it all.

127 x 37.5
131 x 39.5
137 x 40.5
146 x 41.5cm


This test is inissue #28

Aboard 137

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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